Mingle2 Review: Can You Really Meet, Chat and Date Online for Free?

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Mingle2 is an open online courting site, formerly known as “JustSayHi” and founded in 2008. We will review this free, thriving online dating world with more than 12 million members, over 6 million instant messages on record, and 3 million guests visiting the site on a day-to-day basis.

With a few simple steps, new users of varying ages starting from 18 are registered in seconds to meet other users quickly. The most remarkable fact about this courting app is that most of its features are free.

Amazing, isn’t it? With a web page for PC and more than 5 million smartphone downloads on Android and Apple play store, Mingle2 is one of the most popular courting sites in today’s world for anyone ready to mingle.

Another incredible thing about Mingle2 is that every kind of relationship is accepted – gays, lesbians, bisexuals, you name it! And you can agree on the type of affair you want to be involved in. Even if you are looking for a partner for a wedding, a long time courtship, casual friendship, a date, or just an active membership, Mingle2 is your right plug.

How to become a part of the Mingle2 family

How to become a part of the Mingle2 family?

How to become a part of the Mingle2 family

In less than 30 seconds, you can register and start mingling with other users of your choice. Let’s show you how to do this.

  1. Input your mailing or Facebook address
  2. Enter your date of birth, gender, country and postal code (basic info)
  3. Move on to the next page where you should fill in details about you, e.g., your attractions, career, height, nuptial status, brief info about you, and other information you wish to add
  4. What gender are you interested in? Male or female (important info)
  5. Verify your email
  6. Choose a username
  7. Answer other simple questions that would make it easy for you to match
  8. Upload your picture(s) (this can be done later and doesn’t affect your registration, but most times, it heightens your search results)

Although fake profiles are easily created because there is absolutely no way to verify profiles except through their emails. However, multiple emails can be easily created by anyone. It’s also not so easy to creatively make your account stand out. Mingle2 asks for fewer personal data compared to other courting sites (research shows, though, that this is the number one reason why many fake accounts are available on the site, causing an avenue for spam).

After your account is registered successfully, you get to be included in the search pool and get suggestions of people you might like to converse with. One fantastic thing is that sending messages is free! Can you believe it? You get to communicate unlimitedly with other users in chatrooms, send nudges, butt kicks, kisses, hugs, or winks all for free!

You can also leave testimonials on users who added you to their friend list as well as view your last activity (making it easier to find a profile you once looked at).

There are community forums available on Mingle2

This open forum is a feature where topics ranging from relationships, wedding, everything love, games, and so many more are covered in this forum. You, too, can join a discussion even without subscribing to a mutual plus plan.

You will be notified when your profile is viewed, added as a friend, or as a favorite contact even if you are using the site for free or you upgrade to a paid mingle plus account.

Benefits of upgrading to a mingle-plus account

There are quite a number of free services you can enjoy on Mingle2, unlike other courting apps in today’s world. But then, if you want to enjoy free services, upgrading your account would be a delight.

Free and paid services on Mingle2

Free services on Mingle2 include:

  • Creating your profile
  • Viewing your friend list
  • Adding favorite contacts
  • Viewing profiles and images
  • Seeing users who visited your page
  • Adding users to your friend list
  • Sending nudges – butt kicks, winks, kisses, and hugs
  • Accessing the chat room
  • Instant messaging
  • Accessing mutual-match
  • Accessing the community forum

Paid services include:

  • Accessing other profiles invincibly
  • Seeing who likes your profile on mutual match even without liking them back
  • Saving your messages from being deleted after one month
  • 100% profile view increase. Highlighting your profile and making it quickly reached for members searching for users.

Subscribing using PayPal, you could join the mutual plus plan for three months, six months or 12 months mutual plus plan, which is 29.85$, 47.70$, and 71.40$, respectively. The monthly plan of $9.95, $7.95, and $5.95, respectively, auto-renews as at the set time except you cancel this function, though.

These prices are moderately low compared to other dating sites who charge even before registration. But then, also, if the prices are way out of your budget, you could always enjoy Mingle2 even without subscribing.

Messaging outline

The features explained below give users several different ways of communicating with themselves

  • Pictures
  • This messaging platform offers you the opportunity to share as many images that you are comfortable with

  • Profiles
  • By viewing your account, users can get a glimpse of who you are and start a conversation with you based on the data you provided

  • Nudge
  • By selecting these nudges – butt kicks, kiss, wink, hugs, and nudge, you get to send exciting messages to a user you are interested in

  • Emails

This simple inbox with just two functions is another communicating tool to add spice to the way you communicate on this site.

Mutual-matching: The number one special feature on Mingle2

This is one unique element on the site that would increase the fun by bringing users interested in each other together.

Profiles are randomly selected and introduced to you. Then, you get to decide and choose “no”, “yes”, or “maybe.” After that Mingle2 notifies these users when you decide “yes” about a match while hiding your username and only revealing it when they like you back (which means a “yes”, too).

Immediately they like you back, Mingle2 will match you both to start messaging and hopefully be “a thing.”

Mutual-matching is a creative way that this site brings interesting profiles together without using a river of words to pass this message. Although, you can still chat with other users whether you are matched or not, however, having a mutual-match is more exciting among users.

Laying the stones around privacy features

By systematizing this part of the site, it offers you the opportunity to worry less while being on the site.

  • You have a choice of reporting inappropriate photos or user’s behavior to customer service
  • There is an option of suspending users from sending you emails or messages
  • There is a choice of turning off instant messaging
  • You have an option of selecting the kind of emails you would like to receive
  • You also can turn on “Invincible mood.” This allows you to see other pages on the site without people knowing – anonymity. Invincible mood also keeps other users from seeing whether you are online or not.
Searching process and options

Searching process and options

After adjusting your search settings the way you want, you can go further and search for users that catch your fancy. The easiest way to do this is to input the right search phrase.

    There are three ways to search.

  • Introductory searching
  • This exploration option includes the gender you are craving for and your sexual orientation, the age range you are longing for, location favorable to you, and whether you want pages with images only or not.

  • Boosted searching
  • This exploration option includes introductory search while putting the following in mind

  • You have a choice of restricting searches to a spesific height range
  • You have an option of choosing one or more responses for any of the user’s criteria (career, body type, marital status, children, etc.)
  • You also have the option of searching by interest. introductory search in addition to an interest you are longing for in a potential partner.

  • Username searching

Having any username in mind, you could search for it and start communications with the user.

Three thumbs down on the Mingle2 application

  • ADs

Mingle2 having an out-of-date webpage, lots of ads are scattered on the browser, causing difficulties while users are accessing the pages. Some advertising appear in the same colors as the menu sections, making it hard to know the difference and sometimes redirecting users to another web page.

  • Spamming

Another major sad ordeal of the Mingle2 courting site is the inactive and fake profiles spamming users regularly with little or no action taken against it by the Mingle2 team. Various tricksters try to deceive users by posting false information and pictures.

Asking users to send more images, they, in turn, use those pictures to open fake accounts on the courting website. These spammers, mostly men, tell stories (we believe lies) to get the trust of their supposed prey.

Sometimes, these men lie about being in service and want to see you badly; it hurts but is unable to visit you because of their deployment. They tell you different stories until you send gifts, money, or whatsoever they ask of you. Lying, they would pay as soon as they meet with you or sort out their monetary mess or go back home. And you only realize you have been duped after sending those items to them. Many users speculate that the Mingle2 board knows about these deeds and purposefully does nothing to help those spammed or improve the website from future occurrence.

Just in case you are still thinking of joining Mingle2, or you are already a user, please beware that there are defrauders who create various accounts with several nicknames. They do this without difficulty and are on the look-out for honest people to prey on.

  • The help section is void on the courting site

Although Mingle2 can be contacted via email, they can also be contacted on the ‘frequently asked question’ page if you do not get an answer fast enough. Most users don’t know this because it is not on the app, and there is no around the clock customer assistance.

Unsubscribing and deactivating your Mingle2 account

Unsubscribing and deactivating your Mingle2 account

Deactivating your account

For PC users:

  • Lead yourself to your profile page
  • Press the “Settings” button under your profile
  • Press the “Deactivate Account” button
  • Press the “Remove Profile” button

For smartphone users:

  • Lead yourself to the menu at the bottom of your page
  • Press the “Settings” button
  • Press the “Deactivate my Account” button

Unsubscribing from Mingle2

For PC users:

  • Lead yourself to your page
  • Press the “Settings” button at the bottom of your page
  • Press the “Mail Settings” button
  • Then untick the mails you want to be unsubscribed.

For smartphone app users:

  • Lead yourself to the menu at the bottom of your page
  • Press the “Settings” button
  • Press the “Email Address” button
  • Then untick the emails you want to be unsubscribed

Wondering if Mingle2 online courting app is a safe world for you?

Although we advise users to be careful on the internet and avoid falling into the wrong hands. Especially, with the rate at which users complain about Mingle2, some people are very skeptical of joining the Mingle2 family.

You could ensure your safety by being careful, staying away from profiles that have only a few images, and minimal information as they can be spammers. Report rude attitudes, signs of bias, unpleasant conversations, terrible words, or threats to customer support.

Make sure you are careful never to send money or sensitive pictures to members online and restrain from acts that you might regret later.

Now you know everything about Mingle2. Are you 18+ looking for a courting site? Why wait any longer? Join Mingle2 family now, you could meet your other half there today!