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Adam4Adam Review – There Is Enough Love To Go Around

Adam4Adam Review – There Is Enough Love To Go Around
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is quite a selection of dating services for free
  • The interface is easy to use and navigate through
  • VIP members of the site have access to better features
  • Availability of the mobile app makes it accessible even on the go
  • A ton of filtering options
  • Adam4adam users have concerns on safety
  • There are many scammer profiles
  • The membership is an automated service that can dig into your finances if you are not keen
  • Support systems are limited to only through email or site's contact form
  • The interface could use a bit of work

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Today we live in a liberal world. The things we are doing today were nothing but thoughts and dreams in someone’s life twenty-thirty years ago. Being gay openly for one was a taboo among many cultures. And in as much as it is still a sensitive topic in some states and cultures, the ones who have embraced it are doing it without regret.

Everyone needs and deserves love. And so why should we restrict the online platforms to the ones who identify with the binary codes? It is not fair. With that said, Adam4Adam is one platform that gives the gay community a chance to mingle and connect in the digital space to find their halves.

So much so, let us take a dive and find out more about the Adam4Adam gay dating site starting with the generalized pros and cons.

Audience structure

The platform focuses on adult gay chat that connects gays all over the world for mostly a casual hook-up, and a small percentage is into making a more meaningful connection.

Is there any specification?

Adam4Adam is exclusively a gay site that connects gay guys from all over the globe.

Geographical structure

Members mostly use the A4A platform in the United States of America, but it also consists of members from other places such as Europe, South America, and Asia.

Ethnic structure

Admittedly, most dating sites have a distinct ethnical structure, and Adam4Adam is no different. It has the Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and Latinos represented. But different from the other gay dating sites, more than half the members are non-white.

Age structure

The most active users on a4a platform are above the age of 25. And shockingly enough, the most significant number fine-tuned are the men above the age of 55.

Well, this comes to no surprise as most of the men in that age have now been given a chance to come out of the closet without condemnation. While they were in their youthful days, they had to stay hidden as in almost all places; it was illegal to be gay.

Gender structure

This goes without saying that the entire population is male-dominated with 100% certainty.

Sexual orientation

The sexual orientation on Adam4Adam.com is exclusively for the gay population.

Getting started: Adam4Adam] sign up

Opening an account on a4a is very easy and will take a very short time. To get the Adam4Adam login, you use two simple ways – via email or phone number. And this can be done on both the PC version and the mobile app platform.

Information you’ll have to provide

For starters, you have to provide the username that you would like to be displayed on your profile. Next, you will provide the site with an active email address, and you will input a secure password that you only know of.

You will also provide the required information such as your age and gender, location, and lastly, a display photo.

Verification process

This part starts with you clicking that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Adan4Adam gay dating site. This also verifies that you are above the legal age of 18, which is the minimum age requirement for a new member. Verification also entails checking the captcha box and three other boxes. These boxes are first to confirm your age, secondly to certify that you agree with the terms and conditions, thirdly, you consent to have 120 free credits and lastly access to the a4a video chat.

After all, this has been done, you should get an email with a verification link, click on it, and voila, you are now a member.

Verification via phone number is typically the same; you get the code and input it and do it! Now you can go ahead and start exploring the streets of a4a.

Time it takes to get approved

The time between submitting your application and getting verified is a spontaneous action. As long as your phone is on (for phone registration) and your email is active(for email registration).

Adam4adam Account

Adam4adam Account

Once you get verified, you can access your Adam4Adam account and process in the creation of your profile.

Adam4Adam Profile structure

Here, you will need to write a summary of details all about you. You will describe your physical appearance, sexual orientation, relationship status, and your lifestyle. Under the user name, you will input your location.

The next section is the about me section and a description of what you do professionally. Included in this part is a message box that lets anyone else write you a letter.

Next, you have the photo upload section. There is a minimum of two photos, one is the primary pubic pic, and the second will be your primary App photo. If your primary photo includes any nudity or anything compromising, the primary app takes up its position. The public pic must be G-rated and decent.

On your profile, you have your home profile and a visitor profile that can be tailored to a specific region you are in.

Adam4Adam Search

When it comes to the searching capabilities to get a free gay hook up, you have to put in all the work. The searches are not automated through any algorithm, and you have to do it by yourself to get what you want. So if you want a tall black guy, you search for a tall black guy, simple!

Basic Search Features

The basic search feature is elementary and straightforward. You use the navigation search bar to input what you want, and you are presented with the results. It is you to decide on which profile to take a look into to explore.

Advanced Search Features

There are no advanced search features on a4a, but the sophistication of your searches might be the advancing part. For instance, instead of simply searching for a Latino guy, get more advanced, and fine-tune your search to perhaps a Latino guy who loves pets and is a doctor. You see, with this search, you will get a very limited window of prospects.

A free account owner has three saved searches, while a paying VIP adam4adam member can save ten.

Matching process

Matching process

No set algorithm pairs you up with other gay guys around you. Instead, your search will show you who could potentially be your next catch. So you get matched up to who your search.

Getting in touch

Once you see someone, you like you simply send them a message and hope that they like you back and reply. If the message goes unread or not replied to for a total of 10 days, it self destructs. That is for the free version, for someone with a premium account, the period is extended for an extra 20 days.

Free users have the limit of 20 active chats while a paying member has up to 200 messages active.

Chat features and interface

The first feature you get to enjoy is the live cam feature that lets you view other members’ lives as well as host a live feed yourself. Under this feature, there is the Adam4AdamLive, Adam4Cams, and the A4LIVE. Each channel, however, requires a different account since you cannot have them all on one. For a free member, you only get access to snippets, but if you pay, you get to see the whole media.

Through the chats, you can send your match pictures alongside the text to spice up the conversation.

There is nothing as exciting as an enticing visual, right. And the Adam4Adam creators know this way too well. Hence the availability of Movies. This feature allows the members to access porn on the site. And this is achieved in three fundamental ways:

  • Pay per minute- here you are charged by the minute, and the cash is deducted from your e-wallet on the site.
  • Rentals – you rent an exotic movie for 48 hours. You can enjoy the movie with no limit on the number of times you watch it as long as 48 hours are still in play.
  • Downloads- here, you can own the movie for a week, a month, or forever. Each has a different charge applied to it.

There is the Underwear club, which occurs monthly. It is a fun activity where Adam4Adam sends designer undergarments starting from a fee of $10 for the first month. So you shop the designer you want and get to pay the quotation for it.

There is also the sex shop where guys can buy exciting sex toys to spice up their sex lives.

You can also plan a trip where you announce to other users on the platform you will be visiting next. With this feature, the people in that area or near can hit you up for a random hook-up during your visit.

The Party Ad is a page on the website where you can create a party or announce an upcoming event. All users, free and VIP members, can access the page and also post on it. The page, however, has strict rules that the event has to be a small private party, anything else is not allowed. The ad stays up thirty days to the event and is taken down two days after.

Last but not least, there are health resources on the Adam4Adam site. This service provides users access to health counselors who are actively on the site to help anyone in need of their services. The list contains counselors who answer questions on STDs, testings sites, addiction, and substance abuse, and so much more. The site is not only for fun but also to teach the members about their health.

Is Adam4Adam safe

Is Adam4Adam safe?

Touching on health safety, the platform offering extra services on medical advice in terms of certain sexually related issues helps the users become educated. On the platform, you find links to LBGT-specific health organizations, STD clinics, and local health care helplines.

If you feel someone is aggressive towards you while you chat, you can always block them or report them through the support team contact forms where they will be dealt with accordingly.

On the other hand, in the past, the site failed on the safety front. A few incidents shook the media that the site was used to out members of the military back in the 2000s. Additionally, some profiles were used to lure unsuspecting users into certain locations, causing harm to them, steal, and even kill them. Some major changes had to come into play; otherwise, they would see a closure.

So much so, the Adam4Adam has since then amped up its security.

At the end of it all, when it comes to safety, it all boils down to a personal level. It starts with you and spreads from there. It is, therefore, mandatory that you proceed with caution while you browse on the a4a platform.

Data privacy and protection

Uploading photos on any social site is always a gamble; you never know what the site might do with your pictures as some have been known to sell the media to third parties. But as you use the Adam4Adam app or the website, you need not worry about this. You have the power to toggle privacy settings for all your photos. You can decide which pics you want to keep private and which to display publicly. Once a pic is private, you have full control over who sees it.

This security is, however, not extended to photos you send via message. That means that you have to be cautious while you sent your contact pictures via messaging.

Now there are more strict security policies like introducing profile verification protocols to get rid of the scam profiles.

Are there many scam profiles

With the new policy in place, a chuck of fraudulent profiles were wiped out, although there are still a few existing. So much so, the users are cautioned to remain careful of who they are contacting. If something seems off, they should report the profile to get the investigation up and running to help reduce the numbers on fraudsters using Adam4Adam.

How does the Adam4Adam deal with scam profiles)

If an account under question is found to be a scam, it is deleted without warning. The user or the bot losses all access to the site and cannot contact anyone, login, and is locked out. The email address and the number is blacklisted and can never join.

Help & Support

Help & Support

In case you run into a technical issue or any other, you first access the Frequently Asked Questions and see if your issue is covered. If what you get is inconclusive or is missing, you can contact the support team via email or an online contact form. They also have a hotline that you can use for the same. They encourage feedback in the form of complaints, compliments, and suggestions at any time.

Website usability

Website usability

One look at the website will have you confused for a minute. Ads are running almost every instance a page is loaded. With this, most believe something may be done better. Also, because the ads may be a bit too graphic, this may be repulsive. But that is not an issue; the site is sexual anyway!

Far from that, all the buttons are responsive and are easy to access, which overshadows the whole ad saga. With this, the a4a gay platform passes as a functional site many would find helpful in search of a good time as well as a potential relationship.

Is there is a Adam4Adam app available

Yes, there is an a4a mobile app downloadable on any online store and is compatible with iOS and Android users.

The app is available in multiple languages and has most of the features as in the website version. Using the website on the phone browser has the same features as the one accessed through a PC.

On the downside, the app just seems to be resized to fit on the small screen, which is not a good idea for sure. The buttons are non-responsive, and the interface seems unfitting. Using the app is a bit of a turn-off. If you are using your phone, you are better off using the Adan4Adam on the mobile browser rather than the app.

Membership options

Membership options

There are four distinct membership levels. They are:

  • The basic membership
  • A one-month membership
  • Six-month membership
  • A 12-month membership

Adam4Adam Free Version

For the basic free app version you can:

  • Open an account on the platform
  • Build up your profile
  • Search and view other users profiles
  • Send and receive messages
  • find, post and comment on events
  • Save 20 conversations with the 40 messages length per chat
  • Save three searches

Premium features

The premium features a paying member will get to enjoy is everything a basic member has plus:

  • They get unlimited friends and blocks
  • They get an ad-free browsing experience
  • Your profile gets priority when it comes to approval
  • You can save up to 10 searches
  • You can save 200 conversations with 200 message length
  • You can use the platform for advertising your services and products if you are in business.
  • Twice the gallery size

The payments are made via credit card, and the transfer is safe and secure. After every month, the payments are renewed unless you decide otherwise. If you opt-out, you get a refund within the first 14 days of the cash exchange.

Adam4Adam Pricing: Plans and prices

Duration 1 Month
VIP Access 10.00 USD per Month 25.00 USD per Month
VIP Access + ProAd 30.00 USD per Month 25.00 USD per Month

Cancelling Adam4Adam subscription and deleting profile

Cancelling Adam4Adam subscription and deleting profile

Let’s face it; you may not always need your Adam4Adam account. Perhaps you found you someone special or the free gay chat got too monotonous. Therefore, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription. To do this, you simply head to the settings on the billing section and click on ‘cancel auto-bill’ to avoid the payment being deducted the following month.

Now, if you opt to get rid of your profile forever, you can delete it. You get this done by accessing the My Account button located at the top left corner of the homepage. Next, you scroll down to the very bottom and click on the Other option. A pop up will appear, and that is where you will confirm the deactivation of your account. Keep in mind that once this is done, there is no going back, your profile and all the data included is gone!



Indeed there is enough love in the world to go around. The gay community has suffered bashes for centuries now, and so it is only fair they get to enjoy what others have been free to do all along. Get connected to others with similar interests without being judged. With that said, the Adam4Adam gay dating site is perfect for anyone looking to find someone to share a decent conversation with. Where that conversation will lead to is entirely left to the subjects and of coarse fate!

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