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CatholicMatch Review: Does Religious Orientation of the Service Ensure Scammers’ Absence Here?

CatholicMatch Review: Does Religious Orientation of the Service Ensure Scammers’ Absence Here?
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Pros and Cons

  • Even though CatholicMatch was launched two decades ago, the design of the website is modern and attractive.
  • The site is very detailed in finding matches for subscribers (users’ answers are taken into account).
  • The percentage of scam profiles is meager here.
  • The number of subscribers is very high. It increases the chances of finding an appropriate candidate at CatholicMatch.
  • An emphasis on the Catholic faith is powerful here.
  • There is a chance to browse through profiles for free.
  • Members can communicate in the chat rooms.
  • The CatholicMatch community does not have a mobile application
  • There is no free option for sending and receiving messages. A paid subscription should be available.
  • The registration process and creation of the profile may be time-consuming.
  • The membership price is not low.
  • There is no possibility to monitor when the user was last online.
  • There is no possibility to monitor when the user was last online.

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Among thousands of dating websites, CatholicMatch is known for its religious orientation. However, it is easy to understand from the title of the website. Believers have a different view of the question of relationships. As a rule, they are not interested in short-term relationships. They are looking for a partner with whom they will spend the rest of their lives. Not all the visitors of traditional dating websites have the same thoughts. In the majority of cases, they are looking for short-term affairs. That is why visitors of CatholicMatch are different because they try to follow the model of relationships as described in the Scripture.

CatholicMatch managed to win a good reputation among other Catholic dating sites throughout the years of its existence. Nowadays, it is one of the largest catholic oriented websites. This dating community is the best for Catholic singles who want to enter the Holy Sacrament of matrimony, which will last forever. Following the Scripture, Catholic match does not offer anything that goes beyond morality.

While providing this Catholic match review, it is necessary to underline that this dating service was launched in 1999. Previously, the title of the website was SaintRaphael.net. Three men united their ideas and managed to create the community for Catholic singles looking for their true love. Additionally, this site is full of pieces of advice on how to provide the best wedding following all the Catholic traditions.

CatholicMatch Review

The Structure of Community Members

The primary distinctive feature of the community members is that they are the believers of the Catholic faith. When the users enter the CatholicMatch.com, they appear in the world, which has about one and a half million subscribers worldwide. Almost all of the members are active because they have passed a thorough registration and are looking for genuine adherents of the Catholic lifestyle and worldview. However, some of them do not support all of the postulates of Catholic teaching, especially those items about premarital sex. Thus, the members are extremely active at CatholicMatch forums where people discuss various controversial topics concerning marriage, divorce, sex, etc.

The Structure of Community Members

The Main Distinctive Feature of the Website

The main feature of the CatholicMatch is that here Catholic singles are looking for the same Catholic singles. Catholic religion attracts various genders and ages. The main requirement is to be a believer and follow several rules, which determine a specific lifestyle. The subscribers can discuss all the topics related to religion, in their forums.

Origin of the CatholicMatch Subscribers

As was mentioned above in this Catholic match review, the number of subscribers reaches one and a half million singles. About 80 percent of them are residents of the United States since the Catholic religion is a state religion. A bulk of the users of CatholicMatch are from English speaking countries: the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, also some European and Latin American countries.

The Predominant Ethnicity at the Website

Since the United States is a country with the greatest number of Catholicism adherents, the predominant ethnicity at the CatholicMatch website is an American one. Among the Europeans, active members of this community are Britains, Irish, Polish, and Swiss residents. There, the Catholic religion is the most widespread. Also, Brazilians and Salvadorans are active users of the Catholic dating sites, and particularly CatholicMatch. But the majority of users are Americans.

Age Distribution at CatholicMatch

Age distribution among members of CatholicMatch is one of the most interesting among other dating service websites. There is no predominant, only one age category. Each age represents an almost equal number of members. It is connected with the fact that it is easy to find both youngsters and older adults among believers. A significant number of subscribers are from 25 to 44 years old. These are those who are looking for a partner, and often the first partner in their lives. However, the Catholic match review shows that the greatest number are singles over 55 years old. As a rule, this population category is looking for more a friend than a romantic partner. Many of them have already lost their first partners and are looking for those close by a spiritual component. Older adults are more experienced, and for them, religious dogmas have greater value.

Which Gender Is the Most Numerical

At CatholicMatch, there is no serious distinction between genders. There is an equal number of males and females. All they have registered at the website and are looking for Catholic singles. About 50 percents of the subscribers are men, and the same number are women. A significant number of Catholic singles are active at any time of the day. It increases the chance of meeting someone when you are online at CatholicMatch.

Is There a Diversity in Sexual Orientation

The results of a Catholic match review is a statement that it is difficult to find representatives of sexual minorities. Almost all the subscribers are heterosexual. It is not a surprise because Catholicism supports the union between a man and a woman. All other forms of sexual orientation are described as sinful in the Scripture.

Providing the First Steps: CatholicMatch Sign Up

The signing up process is more than easy at CatholicMatch. First of all, it is necessary to follow the link of the website – CatholicMatch.com. Then, the user will see the field to fill in and that there is a possibility to sign up with the help of the email or Facebook account. There are lots of fields which user have to fill in. It is not allowed to skip them. That is why the signing up process may take some time. The majority of questions related to religion and faith issues. It is also necessary to upload a primary photo, or the website can take it from the user’s Facebook account. The main peculiarity is that CatholicMatch assigns usernames to the members. This name consists of the user’s first name and his or her number of registration. During the CatholicMatch sign-in process, it will be necessary to use this name.

Providing the First Steps: CatholicMatch Sign Up

Information Which Is needed for Your Registration

During the registration at CatholicMatch, the users have to provide information about their beliefs, faith, and possible religious practices. Also, each member has to write a short introductory paragraph about him or herself. This paragraph should consist of a minimum of 150 characters. Here, it is better to write the information to attract the attention and interest of other users. It is possible to write about the interests and features of those who are you looking for. The website takes Catholicism very seriously. That is why it is better to answer all the questions related to religion. Even if it takes much time, it will serve as a better experience for other users. It will not take longer than 20 minutes. Such an approach ensures more trust in the service than when the registration process takes a maximum of 2 minutes. CatholicMatch offers the temperament test for facilitating matches and catholic dating for each person.

Is There Any Verification of Your Identity?

The CatholicMatch website cares about the security issues inside the community. That is why they thoroughly verify each profile. The easiest verification process is when the member registers via a Facebook account. If the verification is successful for the user, he or she will receive an email with the login details. Later, it will be possible to change the password. But the generated by the system username cannot be changed later.

Is There Any Verification of Your Identity

Time Needed to Receive Approval of the Personality

At the CatholicMatch community, the verification process and approval of the user’s personality takes approximately one day if it is not a holiday. When the user has not received the email with verified login details, there is a chance that the website’s administration declined the candidacy. For clarification of this issue, it is necessary to contact the support department of the CatholicMatch website. The email of support is the following – support@CatholicMatch.com.

Main Features of CatholicMatch Account

The establishment of the account at CatholicMatch takes some time. To view all the website features, it is necessary to complete the account as fully as possible. After entering the name, gender, and location, it is necessary to answer several questions. They may include information about the marital status and even diocese of the subscriber. The number of questions is more than 30, and none of them can be skipped. Then, it is possible to upload up to six photos. A greater number of photos will help other users of the catholic dating website examine the personality from different sides. The next step in creating the account is writing a personal reflection. Its length depends on the account owner’s desire, but it should not be shorter than 150 characters and longer than 2500 characters. Also, it is necessary to choose from the suggested activities or fields interesting to the subscriber. All these characteristics will be open to other Catholic singles who examine the profiles of others.

Main Features of CatholicMatch Account

Main Components of CatholicMatch Profile

The user’s profile will consist of the information, about which it was mentioned in this Catholic match review above. Each user’s profile is very detailed because they have no opportunity to skip answering some questions. At CatholicMatch, both free and fee-based accounts can look through others’ profiles, including their photos. Later, community members can add to their six pictures more. The profiles also show whether the user is a smoker or non-smoker, their employment history, political views, answers to yes-no questions, marital status, attitude to alcohol, body parameters, and many other features.

At CatholicMatch, for the search user should browse among other people’s profiles. For this, it is necessary to fill in the table with the potential partner’s desired features. It is possible to choose a shorter list of more general criteria or n=much longer list with more detailed criteria.

Main Search Features of Free-Based Accounts

A basic search filter at the CatholicMatch includes a gender of the desired person, age ranges, and living (state, if it is in the USA). It is also possible to enter a distance within which the system can search for the Catholic singles who meet the required criteria. Additionally, there is a filter of the profiles with or without a photo.

Advanced Search Features Available at Fee-Based Accounts

Fee-based accounts at CatholicMatch have more expanded search filters. Thus, they can indicate the height and body type of the potential partner. It may also consider the educational background, socio-political beliefs, smoking and drinking habits, and religious-oriented views and traditions. Additionally, it is possible to choose the period when the profile was last online.

How to Find Matches in the Community?

At CatholicMatch, the users themselves are responsible for their matches. The degree to which they complete their profiles determines the partners whom they meet. The website is interested in that its subscribers find matches. If they do not find matches for six months after registration, the CatholicMatch will present them with an additional six-month subscription for free. But the main feature is that this subscription will be fee-based.

The Way How To Start Communication

The Catholic match review underlines that only fee-based accounts can send to and receive messages from other profiles. Free members can read messages after the ten days of their account existence. The profile owners can also set up the interview questions on their pages and allow other Catholic singles to answer them. The number of these questions can reach 20. They will help the page users to know their visitors better. Free members can also send Emotigrams to other profiles. But this Emotigrams cannot be accompanied by additional text. CatholicMatch forums are also a great foothold for communication at CatholicMatch.

Main Peculiarities of Chat and Interface

At CatholicMatch dating website, it is possible to communicate only with text messages and Emotigrams. Unfortunately, video chats are not available here. Video can be posted in the Successful Stories section or the website’s Institute section, including blogs and online courses.

Safety Protection at CatholicMatch

It is possible to say that CatholicMatch is a safe dating community confidently. As compared to other free Catholic dating sites, the moderators and security system control the website’s life throughout the whole day. They always evaluate the profiles for any scamming activity and take necessary measures.

Data Privacy and Protection: Are There Reasons for Worrying

The CatholicMatch website cares seriously about data privacy and protection issues. They do not share the information with third parties. Moreover, all the messages, delivered among the community members, are encrypted and secured from being hacked.

The Availability of Scam Profiles

Of course, it is impossible to claim that CatholicMatch is free of scam profiles. Some can hack the system or deceive it. But the number of such profiles is minimum here. Sooner or later, they are detected, often with the help of bona fide Catholic singles.

How Does CatholicMatch Cope With Scammers

The solution for scammers at CatholicMatch is easy. The website either block them for a certain period or remove their accounts forever.

The Functionality of Support Department

When comparing CatholicMatch to other free catholic dating sites, it is necessary to underline its main peculiarity – the support department is active. When the users have any questions, they can contact the support department to email support@CatholicMatch.com. They help with managing the profile and blocking the suspicious accounts.

Design and Usability of the Community

No one Catholic match review will deny that this website is user-friendly for all ages. It has a modern view. All the tabs are separated and help to keep all the necessary information in the line of sight. The space of the page is distributed wisely. What is more, there are no many bothersome advertisements as in some free catholic dating sites.

The Availability of CatholicMatch app

Unfortunately, the absence of the CatholicMatch app is one of the main disadvantages of this dating service. But their website can suit the size of the mobile screen. Thus, users of CatholicMatch can access it from any device.

Types of Membership in the Community

As some Catholic dating sites, CatholicMatch has two types of membership: free-based and fee-based. Each of them has its available features. All the distinctions are mentioned below.

Main Features of CatholicMatch Free Account

Free members have enough opportunities, such as:

  • l they can search and look through other profiles.
  • l Communication is limited to sending Emotigrams.
  • l Their profiles participate in matching.
  • l They can upload their photos.
  • l They can see who looked through and liked their profiles.

Main Features of Fee-Based Accounts

The fee-based accounts at CatholicMatch have the same features as free profiles, including the following ones:

  • l they can send and receive messages without limits.
  • l When they need some help from the support department, their tickets will have a priority.
  • l They have access to community chatrooms.
  • l When they cannot find matches for six months, the website will gift them with six months subscription.
  • Also, the website has its distinctive features:
  • l The website offers a Temperament quiz, where the user can determine his or her psychotype and compare it to other Catholic singles.
  • l It is possible to send multiple-choice interviews to other users and decide whether matching is possible after receiving the results.
  • l The CatholicMatch Institute provides users with dozens of Catholic-related information in the form of textual, audio, or video files.

CatholicMatch Pricing: Is It Cheap or Expensive

The price for the CatholicMatch subscription is in the upper-middle range. The price depends on the duration of the subscription. Thus, one month will cost 29.99 USD. The price for six months will be 14.99 USD per month, while the price for twelve months will be 9.99 USD per month.

CatholicMatch Pricing: Is It Cheap or Expensive

Termination of CatholicMatch Subscription and Deletion of the Profile

The users can terminate the paid subscription. When the user stops paying for the next period, they will be automatically turned to the free conditions of membership. When the user of the CatholicMatch wants to delete the profile, it is necessary to write to the support department.

Which Will Be the Verdict Concerning This Service

As can be seen, CatholicMatch would be a good choice for those who are looking for Catholic singles and want to be sure of the security of their data. This community is one of the safest with the minimum number of scammers. All the profiles are verified there. So if you are looking for a long-term and faith-based relationship, please visit the CatholicMatch.com, and you will not be disappointed in your choice.

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