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Clover Review: What is so Truly Special About It?

Clover Review: What is so Truly Special About It?
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Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 5.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Can be used for free
  • Has a unique on-demand date features
  • Plenty of active users
  • Sleek design and intuitive interface
  • Interactive and fun to use
  • No desktop version
  • Advanced search only available to paying users
  • Not perfect for long-term relationships
  • Some accounts are fake
  • Higher than average subscription cost

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Clover dating app is one of those services that feature some of the revolutionary features of Tinder. One of the major perks of this platform is its simplicity and the fact that it can be used for free. At the same time, Clover implements a more in-depth approach to matchmaking, which kind of makes it similar to Match. Still, the question stands — can this stand-alone platform get people the dates they are looking for? Take a look at our detailed Clover dating app review of the main features and see for yourself.

Audience Structure

Clover Structure

Clover (mobile app) is a truly democratic service that welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Still, no matter how developers position their product, sometimes a dating service takes on a life of its own — as more and more users join, platform focus often switches from what was originally intended. Right now, Clover has over three million users, with more people joining daily. And, the best part is that this service still seems to welcome different people — as was the original intention, so no drastic change in audience structure occurred as of yet.

Is there any specification?

Clover Review Review

Clover is a mainstream dating app, and it mostly caters to casual dates among straight people. However, other inventions, including casual chatting or finding online friends, are also supported. Besides, Clover does not restrict any orientations from joining, so technically, this app could be beneficial to pretty much everybody.

Geographical structure

Clover dating app works best in North America, even though technically it does not restrict any other countries from joining. Still, the majority of users live in the US, with Canada taking the second spot. Less than five percent of total Clover users come from other countries of the world.

Ethnic structure

Clover Ethnic

In terms of user ethnicity, Clover dating service is as diverse as the US and Canada get. It’s true that white Caucasians are the dominant racial group on this app. However, you can also find people of any other descent on this service. Similar to the United States, this community is a melting pot, so you can find any ethnicity you are interested in.

Age structure

Most online dating apps today are populated by younger users, and Clover is not an exception. Most users are between 18 and 34 years old. Other age groups are practically non-existent on Clover — people older than 35 account for less than 10% of the total user database.

Gender structure

Clover Gender structure

Even though Clover is not an exception when it comes to age demographics, it is a bit different from most other dating apps in terms of gender proportion. Only a third of its users are women, while men dominate the service. Typically, the situation is in reverse, so Clover does stand out in this aspect — for better or worse, depending on your perspective.

Sexual orientation

This app welcomes absolutely all sexual orientations, without any discrimination whatsoever. There are no couple accounts, though, and no chance to search for casual fun as a married or commitment couple. Still, while all accounts remain individual, the app does offer a chance to find other individual users interested in the same thing as you.

Getting started: Clover Sign Up

Clover Sign Up

Like most modern dating apps, Clover does have a Facebook login, which saves new users a couple of minutes filling in all obligatory information fields. Still, even a classic email registration will not take too much sweat because most fields are very basic.

Information you’ll have to provide

For starters, a newly joining person will have to think of a unique username. The maximum limit for this field is 50 characters, but we suggest you do not use all of the available space. Ideally, a username should be simple and catchy. Creating lengthy names may irritate other users. More obligatory details are age, location, and sexual orientation. When registering with Facebook, all of this info is pulled automatically — just like your profile pic (if you want to use the same photo). It is also possible to upload a picture from Instagram or choose any existing pics from your phone.

One more obligatory field on Clover is your dating intention. Here, users will have to pick one of the predefined choices. The latter can be dating, long-term relationship, making friends, and chatting online.

Verification process

Clover process

To limit the number of fake accounts, phone number verification is an absolute must with Clover. The app will send you a simple four-digit verification code, and you will have to enter it in the app. Before you do that, the profile will remain inactive, and you will not have any chance to make use of the Clover app.

Time it takes to get approved

Clover approved

While phone verification may be annoying to some users, the upside is that it does not take long. Entering a valid phone number is the final stage of Clover sign in process. Right after you click ‘confirm,’ the code is immediately sent to you. So, both profile creation and phone verification take no more than a couple of minutes. But, of course, you’ll need cellular data reception — Wi-Fi alone will not be enough.

Clover Account

Even though this app does not ask for a lot of personal details during the first Clover login, profiles with this service can be pretty detailed. And, more importantly, plenty of them are. It is possible to add lots of personal details to give other users a good insight into your personality.

Clover Profile structure

Clover Profile structure

All profiles on Clover dating site are carefully structured. Below a thumbnail photo, you will find the basic information about the user — with age and location. You will also see how close this person is to you. If you click on the profile pic, you will see a whole range of details the user has chosen to share. They include height, body type, hair and eye color, religion, education, occupation, marital status, lifestyle habits, and more.

It is possible to add tons of information to Clover accounts, and we strongly suggest you fill in all available graphs. Detailed profiles can be especially useful for people interested in long-term relationships.

The only thing that is lacking from Clover online accounts are text boxes with lengthy personal descriptions. And, given this service’s main audience, we think it is a wise call.

Aside from relatively standard (even though advanced) profile graphs, this app assigns badges to most active users. People can earn these badges by completing certain actions. For example, if a person uses the app between 10 pm and 6 am, that user will be assigned a “Night Owl” badge. If five people have laughed at your messages, you get a “Comedian” badge. If users complete their profiles and play ‘20 questions’ game, they are given the “Open Book” badge. More badges include “celebrity” and “Irresistible.” They are earned for collecting a lot of likes.

Clover Search

Clover, like most other matching apps out there, has several search filters — the basic and the advanced one.

Basic Search Features

Basic search filters are, indeed, very basic on Clover dating site. The only upside is that they are available for free, and new users who have not bought a subscription yet can easily try them out. However, these search parameters go down to age, dating intentions, and location. So, while enough to get started, they are barely sufficient to find matches for long-term relationships.

Advanced Search Features

Clover Advanced Search Features

App advanced search offers some of the best filtering capabilities across dating services. Here, users can define a variety of different parameters, from body type and appearance to hobbies and occupation. While some apps offer a lot of filters, too, Clover really beats them all with such a complex system. A lot of graphs in their advanced search come with sub-filters. For example, interest can be sub-defined into outdoors, reading, Netflix, etc. This is where this app really stands out from the competition.

Matching Process

Matching algorithms are another strong point of this service. Clover takes into account every little lifestyle and personality detail, mentioned by the users. Consequently, this results in truly superb matches. Given the number of profile graphs and the complexity of search filters, every little detail can be taken into account with this service. So, you can use it for finding long-term relationships or as a flirt app.

Getting in touch

Clover Account

Similar to Tinder, Clover users can message for free if they have liked each other’s profiles, which is a great perk for an app that does offer paid subscriptions. However, if users want to reach out to someone who has not liked their profile yet, premium membership is a must. On the whole, we do believe this system has plenty of benefits because it allows users to filter out some people they are not interested in. But, of course, it does have its limitations for free members.

Still, the best part about reaching out to other users on Clover is that people can play a 20-questions game. For this, a person needs to fill in a standard questionnaire and ask another user to do the same. Later, both can compare their answers and see how many of them match. Such a fun and interactive game happens to be a perfect ice-breaker and gives people a better insight into each other’s personalities at the same time. Questions concern whether a person is organized or messy, predictable or spontaneous, prefers looks or intelligence, is book smart or street smart, feels confident or unconfident, believes life is great or not so much, and many others.

Another great feature of this app is that it allows people interested in real-life dates to contact users with similar goals in mind. While most apps try to consider this in their matching algorithms, Clover once again beats the competition with their ‘on-demand dating’ feature. Users who have turned this feature on, are really active daters, looking for the same initiative from prospective matches. So, this is one of the few apps that really solves the problem of fruitless chatting, so common on most other dating services.

Chat features and interface

Aside from direct messages to other uses, people can also join group chats on Clover. These chat rooms are called ‘mixers’ and are subdivided into different categories, for example, ‘healthy lifestyle,’ ‘fitness,’ ‘serious relationships,’ ’90s babies,’ and many others. The rooms are carefully organized and not at all hectic — as one would expect in any common chat room. Besides, they offer a great way to find people with similar interests in mind and are available even to non-paying members.

The most popular rooms have thousands of participants and offer a great look at the app community. If you cannot find a chatroom that appeals to you, feel free to create your own. After all, no one is forcing you to be a member of a huge community — you can always create chats with your closest friends, pretty much like you would in a FB messenger.

The only downside so far is that Clover does not support video calls and chat. It does, however, support sending videos and other media via text chats.

Is Clover Safe?

Clover Safe

Obligatory SMS verification limits the number of fake accounts, making this service safer than most other dating apps. Still, not a single dating service in the world is entirely free from scams and frauds, so always keep basic Internet security tips in mind when chatting with strangers online.

Data privacy and protection

Even though all users are expected to exercise reasonable caution when meeting people online, Clover does try to make its service as secure as they can possibly get. All personal information users share with this service (and we already established that there is quite a lot of it) are stored on secure servers. Communication with the app is encrypted, so on the whole, the chances of any data leaking are quite low.

Are there many scam profiles

Of course, obligatory SMS verification before profile activation filters out spam and bot accounts. However, no dating service can guarantee that all users have good intentions. Neither is it possible to check every profile for authenticity, especially if someone uses an email to register (as opposed to Facebook login). Still, a quick look at this app’s user database makes it pretty clear that most accounts are, indeed, real. While people do have to keep a clear head when dating online, Clover is definitely one of the safe spots to get started — people will not find a lot of scammers here.

How is it moderated

Should any particular profile raise suspicions, you can easily report it to the moderator team. It only takes a click of a button, and site admins will look into the issue. They may ask additional questions (if the profile does raise a red flag) or ask for a proof of identity. But, since the number of fake accounts on Clover is low, and many users log in with their FB details, such a scenario is very unlikely. If someone is bothering you, you can also block this user.


Clover Support

Like most apps targeting younger people, Clover offers quite a lot of communication channels when it comes to the support. People can reach out to Clover support representatives via several social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. And, of course, there is a good old fashioned email for those who are not active with social media. Most of the time, all new requests are handled within a day. However, in the majority of cases, it takes even less than that — the support here is truly responsive and may answer your questions within an hour or two.

Website Usability

Despite its impressive number of interactive features, Clover is incredibly easy to use. All functions are neatly arranged and can be easily accessed. The app has a sleek, modern design, which surely appeals to its main audience.

Is there is a Clover app available

Clover IS an app. In fact, it does not have a desktop version or a dedicated Clover website. This could have been a drawback for a more mature audience, but young people using this app surely have no problem with that. This service is perfectly designed and does offer its target audience exactly what they need — a sleek, polished-up app they can use on the go. Both iOS and Android versions work smoothly.

Membership Options

We already mentioned that Clover does allow certain functionalities for free. Still, a paid account offers more versatility. Take a closer look to compare the options.

Clover Free Version

Free users can make use of Clover log in, complete their accounts, and get matches from the app. They can also like other users, and if this like is mutual, two parties concerned may engage in limitless interaction. Non-paying users can also join any group chats they want and even create their own Mixers. They can play 20 questions and send date requests to users who have an on-demand dating feature activated. All in all, this is quite a lot for an app that makes money on subscriptions. Still, a paid account can offer even more perks.

Premium features

One of the best things about Clover premium is that people can make use of the advanced search filters. Fine-tuning your prospective match search is one of the main reasons to consider getting a paid account — especially if you think how great app filters are and what excellent results they can bring. However, the benefits of going premium do not stop here.

Paid users can message anyone they like, without waiting for the mutual like to happen. They also get to read message receipts and get several profile ranking boosts as a bonus. Plus, they get a chance to restrict users with unwanted parameters from contacting them. For example, if you date only non-smokers, only people meeting this requirement will have a chance to message you.

Clover Pricing: Plans and prices

Clover subscription is not the cheapest one out there, especially if you consider that plenty of functional communication tools are already available for free. One month of using this app costs $30. Subscribing for three months is $60 total, and six months of membership cost $90. Besides, you can purchase extra credits to boost your profile in the search results. Credit cost ranges from $2.99 for a single credit to $19.90 for a 10-coin batch. While slightly above average in the niche, this is by far not the most expensive dating app. All payments are made via respective app stores.

Cancelling Clover Subscription and Deleting Profile

If you are tired of using the app, you can easily cancel your subscription in the account settings and delete the app for good. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a few seconds of your time. So, should you get bored, deactivating an account will not be a problem at all.


So, what is Clover app, in a nutshell? It is a great dating service for young professionals. It has some of the most advanced filters out there, can easily find dates with people interested in real-life dating, and offers a lot of fun ice-breakers to get the communication going. Besides, it is carefully designed and nice to use. Of course, finding a long-term partner with Clover may take some time. However, it does offer a quick start to dating, and as for serious relationships — they are possible, but as usual, take time to progress. More importantly, you can use Clover as a free dating app, and still be happy with its features.

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