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Curves Connect Review – An In-Depth Look

Curves Connect Review – An In-Depth Look
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-32
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Clean interface
  • No ads
  • Online status control
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Helpful online resources
  • Restrictive free plan
  • Few payment methods
  • Limited customer support channels
  • No casual hookups
  • Customer support isn't online 24/7

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CurvesConnect strives to be the friendliest and most welcoming adult dating platform for people of all shapes and sizes. Many people on other mainstream dating sites are not so successful because everyone just wants to date people who look like models. In reality, only a few people were born with chiseled abs and hourglass figures. But we all know that it’s the personality that keeps a family together, not the size of biceps.

This is where CurvesConnect comes in. It is a curves dating site designed for people who do not look like a Hollywood star but are just as open-minded and fun to hang out with. It does not matter if you are a plus-sized individual; CurvesConnect welcomes everybody. In this Curves Connect review, we will explain everything about this site and determine whether this is one of the few suitable dating sites for plus size people.

The Audience Structure

The Audience Structure

CurvesConnect says that they are a curvy dating site. So, what does its user base look like? It pays to know what kind of people you will talk to on their site before you sign up.

This curvy dating site claims to connect real people who want real relationships. That means almost everyone here is looking for a serious relationship, implying long-term commitments that could result in marriage. Clearly, this site is not for casual hookups like Tinder. If you cannot commit your serious intentions, then CurvesConnect is not for you.

However, for those who want something more than just one-night stand and have a deep and meaningful relationship, this is the right place to start. This is a dating platform where people will accept you regardless of your shape and size.

Is there any limits for curve singles who want to join?

Curves Connect dating site is an adult only site based on their terms of service. Users under 18 years old are prohibited from using the site. Other than that, Curve Connect welcomes everyone from all walks of life.

The geographical structure of the CurvesConnect users

There is no information on the geographical structure of CurvesConnect. The site was launched to give a chance to every single person, so the users come from across the globe.

The ethnic structure of the Curves dating site users

CurvesConnect strives to be a welcoming place for those who identify as plus-sized, regardless of their ethnicity.

The age structure

CurvesConnect is a relatively new dating platform; the age structure of its users is unknown right now. What is certain is that all users are at least 18 years old. So, if you are of age – feel free to join and make your opinion.

The Gender Structure

Their gender composition is also unknown as CurvesConnect has yet to release any data regarding its member composition. Still, you can find both men and women here at any time, so we assume the website gender ratio is more or less equal.

Member’s Sexual Orientation on curvesconnect.com

The website itself serves people with every sexual orientation. This is specified in the account creation form in which you have for options:

  • Man looking for a woman
  • Man looking for a man
  • Woman looking for a man
  • Woman looking for a woman

Getting started: CurvesConnect Easy Sign Up

The Curves Connect login process is straightforward. In fact, it should not take you longer than 15 minutes. The landing page has a registration form you need to fill in to start using the platform. Under that form, you will find other helpful online resources, but more on that later.

Information plus size singles need to provide

The registration form does not ask for too much of personal information. You only need to put in the following:

  • Email address
  • Zip or postal code
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Password
  • Username

Account registration is free, and you start with limited access. It is handy as it allows many new users to explore the site and see if they want to continue using it without committing a single cent.

You also need to figure out your username. Try coming up with a good one. The website advises using a username that is original, short, fun, but still expressive. A well-put username goes a long way because it shows your character and values.

How complicated is the verification process?

Unfortunately, CurvesConnect does not have any sophisticated verification process other than confirming an email. They do not do background checks either. However, you can still report malicious individuals to their moderation team.

What time it takes to get approved for curvy dating?

It should take only a few minutes before they send a verification email. If there is none in your inbox, check the spam folder because some emails may end up in there. Click on the verification link – and it’s done. This shows how easy it is to register on the website.

CurvesConnect Account System

CurvesConnect Account System

CurvesConnect puts much attention on user’s profiles, which is very well-placed for a dating site. A dating site that is dedicated to those who want a serious relationship really needs to put much effort into designing the profile system.

CurvesConnect profile structure: making you easy to find

As mentioned before, many people who use this website have set realistic expectations for other users. They know that a chance of meeting someone who has a perfect body and good character is slim. In fact, those who are mature enough know that Hollywood appearance doesn’t guaranty a happy partnership. The only expectation most users have for you is that you also want to have a serious relationship.

If you are interested in such a relationship, then there is nothing to worry about. Expect to find that users will ask all sorts of questions, so you might have to give away more personal information than you are used to on other dating sites.

This might feel very tedious, but it is worth going through it sooner than later. If you put time and effort into perfecting your profile, it will show other users that you are very serious about long-term relationships.

Another reason why you should work on your profile is that you want other curve singles to know that you are actually a real person. An incomplete profile tells other users that you are either very new or an individual with malicious intent. After all, only those who want to scam others would want to hide their personal information. Expect to see the same detailed Curves Connect profiles from other users.

Helpful CurvesConnect Search System

Other than that, CurvesConnect will use any information you put into your profile to match you to other users as well. An average profile is quite extensive, and it will take some time to fill in all the necessary details. Even so, it is worth the effort.

Speaking of matching plus size singles together, CurvesConnect provides various means to connect their users.

Basic Search Features on CurvesConnect

Users can do a basic search for other people by going to their navigation menu and clicking on “search profiles.” The system will bring up other user’s profiles based on your given information.

Advanced search features to help you find plus size singles faster

The advanced search feature gives people more control over their search results. You can change your search setting by going into the advanced search filter and selecting new parameters. You can also use this feature to find curvy singles that live close to you.

The Matching Process: What Is It Like

The Matching Process: What Is It Like?

Other than the basic search function, users can also try their luck with the discover feature. It works very much like Tinder. It presents a user to you one at a time, and you can click on the star button, which means you like them. This is the same as swiping right on Tinder. Alternatively, you can dislike someone by clicking on a cross, which will prompt the system to pull up another profile to your attention.

Liking someone would notify them. They can respond by checking out your account page, which will also inform you if you have a premium membership. If they send you their likes, you can start talking to them right away.

How to get in touch with other users of CurvesConnect?

Other than the “like” system, there are more ways to get in touch with users you like.

Take a “flirt” feature, for example. Think of it as of the next step after the “like” system. This option allows you to send premade texts to people. If you would like to make those messages more personal, feel free to write your own ones. Flirts provide a convenient way to break the ice, which further improves one’s virtual dating experience.

The like and flirt systems are only the beginning, though. Users spend most of their time using messenger, which is similar to that of Facebook.

CurvesConnect chat features and interface: made for your convenience

Just like many other adult dating sites, CurvesConnect provides many means of communication for its users. The only downside to virtual interaction is the lack of intimacy or closeness people get from the “real world” dating. As such, many online-dating sites try to simulate this experience.

CurvesConnect uses voice chat and video chat, both of which aim to provide the best virtual dating experience. It is difficult to feel any emotional attachment to other people without hearing their voice or seeing them, so Curves Connect provides their users with just that.

Its voice chat system allows users to communicate as if you are on the phone. Many users choose video chat, which allows them to interact as if they are sitting in front of each other. You can get the best virtual dating experience before you decide to go offline with the person you like.

Is It Safe To Use

Is It Safe To Use?

No matter how good a dating site is, it all amounts to nothing if users cannot feel secure about their activities on the site. Considering that this is a website where people need to share much of their personal information, a security breach could be disastrous. So, what measures does CurvesConnect have in place to protect its users?

CurvesConnect users data privacy and protection

First, CurvesConnect provides users with a secured and encrypted connection. It does sound impressive, but all sites should have this protection in place. It helps secure your sensitive personal information from hijack by malicious individuals. Without it, all your banking information and password could be easily stolen.

While this feature is crucial for online browsing, there are plenty of sites that do not offer such protection, so it is comforting to see that CurvesConnect put in such measures.

Even more, all information shared on this website will remain confidential. That means that whatever you say to other users will remain between you and them. The moderation team cannot see what you are writing to other people.

Are there many scam profiles on dating sites for plus size?

Again, there is no clear figure here since this site is relatively young. CurvesConnect stated that they have many tools to protect their users. That could mean a system to protect users from cyber attacks. As for scam profiles, considering that they do not screen their members, anyone can slip in easily.

How will CurvesConnect protect me from scam?

The moderation team gave its users a chance to report other people for inappropriate behavior. If you encounter anyone who seems suspicious or is offensive, you can report them to the moderation team. They will handle this problem, which includes outright banning that user from the site. But you will need to provide enough evidence that this user is misbehaving because the moderation team can do nothing if you have no proof.

Other than that, CurvesConnect also provides you with various information on how you can protect yourself online, not just on their platform.

CurvesConnect Help and Customer Support System Is Here To Help

If you run into any trouble on the site, CurvesConnect has a team to help you. There are not many ways to reach out to them. The first option would be to email them directly. Alternatively, you can go to the website and create a support ticket.

If you decide to go with the second route, log into your account, go to the menu, and click on support. You will be asked to explain what is wrong, so be as precise as possible when describing your issues. That way, you save yourself and the support team some time.

Describe the problem into the text box, click on submit, and wait. The team will try to respond as soon as they can. Keep in mind that the service is not online 24/7, so if you contact them outside business hours, you won’t get any response immediately. Their working hours last for 12 hours, starting from 8 in the morning, Eastern Time.

Website Usability: Is It Better Than Others

Website Usability: Is It Better Than Others?

CurvesConnect gives off a friendly vibe for all who log in. Unlike other dating sites, it does not flaunt pictures of models or people with unrealistic bodies just to hook people in. Instead, you will be greeted with a simple yet usable landing page.

The login screen contains many interesting elements. New users can simply fill in a form right in the middle of the screen to create an account. Those who already have an account can click on the sign-in button right under this form.

The site footer makes things exciting and is one of the main reasons why CurvesConnect has the potential to become a great dating platform. Here, you have five tabs: Blog, About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Of these five tabs, two stand out the most and are worth mentioning: Blog and FAQs.

In the blog section, there are four main categories: Expert advice, commercials, tell us your story, and politics & dating.

The blog section is worth mentioning because many other dating sites don’t have it. CurvesConnect strives to make your experience as pleasant as possible by providing you with various information about virtual dating. They have some experts who give newcomers advice on the challenges of online dating and ways to overcome them. Some users who found their true love on CurvesConnect give their testimonies, which can be found in the blog section as well.

The FAQ section is also worth seeing. Again, it is intended to help users with some common problems or answer general questions about the site. Most of these questions include info about accounts, customer support, user guides, billing, security, etc. The answers are very in-depth; if you have problems with anything, it is worth checking out the FAQ before you contact customer support. That way, you can save yourself some time.

Is there is a CurvesConnect app available?

Good news: there is no discrimination of smartphone users. CurveConnect does not have its own curvy dating app. You can access the website on your mobile phone as the site has a mobile-oriented version for users who want to remain connected on-the-go. The experience may not be as smooth as with a dedicated mobile application, but it is not any different than its desktop counterpart.

What About Membership Options for Better Curvy Dating

So, does it cost anything to use this fantastic dating service? The short answer is yes and no. Registration on CurvesConnect is free, and you can use it with no charge. However, there are many drawbacks a free user can meet. You will face several restrictions on your account as many features are placed behind a paywall. For instance, messaging is limited for free users, and this restriction can be removed once you upgrade to a premium membership. To get the best experience on this curvy women dating site, you need to spend some cash.

You probably will not be successful in connecting with other users as a free member. You will have to deal with the restrictions that affect your connection with other people. Another reason comes from the expectations of other users.

Curve Connect is a place for people who are serious about a long-term partnership that often ends in marriage. It is a very serious commitment, both financially and time-wise. So, users are expected to pay for a premium membership. If a user cannot afford a premium subscription, the chances are that they also cannot afford a long-term relationship or marriage.

Free features you should try

Free members can access the following options:

  • Limited messaging
  • View other user’s profiles
  • Access to the search system
  • Access to the flirts system

Premium Features can make your experience brighter

Premium members can access the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited photos upload
  • View who is online and when was the last time they logged in
  • Block other users
  • Every feature available for free users

CurvesConnect Pricing###

The curves monthly fee fluctuates over time, so it is impossible to give you a clear figure. The website itself does not provide any clear numbers, either. Considering that CurvesConnect is a relatively new dating site, it is safe to say that they have plenty of promotions going on at different times of the year, so do take advantage of that if you are interested.

Cancelling CurvesConnect Subscription And Deleting Profile

Cancelling CurvesConnect Subscription And Deleting Profile: Can I Go Out With No Problem?

Curves connect website provides options for users who want to quit and move on to other sites. Account deletion and subscription cancellation are quick and convenient, unlike on some other dating sites that convince their users to stay. If you want to delete your account, you need to go into the settings menu and tap on “remove profile.” To help improve the user experience, they will ask you to provide a reason for quitting. The team takes your opinion seriously, so it is worth giving honest feedback. Keep in mind that if you already paid for premium access, you will not get any money back.

However, you can cancel the membership before you delete your account. There are two ways to do this. You can take the easy road and send an email to their customer support team, and they should get back to you within a day. However, if you cannot wait and want to get it over with, you need to tinker with your account settings.

To do this, log into your account, go to settings, then click on manage subscription, and finally click on cancel subscription.

Curvesconnect: Worth to Give A Chance

Judging by user testimonials, it is certain that you can find your soulmate on CurvesConnect. It is just a matter of luck and how well you can craft your profile. All Curves Connect dating reviews agree that this site has the potential, even though it is new.

Differently from other dating sites, your chances of finding the right person are much higher here, given that CurvesConnect puts a lot of effort into their profile design and search system. It is certainly better than going outside and hoping you’ll bump into the right person or find someone who wants a serious relationship on Tinder.

Speaking of Tinder, there is no Curves Connect app, which is a bummer, but at least the mobile site offers a smooth experience similar to its desktop counterpart.

For those who desire a deep and meaningful connection, look no further. It does fall short in some areas based on many other Curves Connect reviews, but this is by far one of the best curves dating sites out there.

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