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EbonyFlirt Review: A Place Where Anyone Can Meet Black Singles

EbonyFlirt Review: A Place Where Anyone Can Meet Black Singles
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 76%
Popular Age 24-35
Profiles 300 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Clearly defined niche
  • Diverse community
  • Android app available
  • Intuitive use
  • Anyone can join
  • Free users are limited in communication means
  • Free users are limited in communication means
  • Few paymentoptions
  • Search filters could be more advanced
  • Not all profiles are real

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Ebonyflirt is a dating site for black singles. Even though most of the community is indeed black, anyone interested in meeting and dating African Americans can join. One of the main features of this platform is its versatility. While, technically, it does have a distinct ethnic focus, it is still a great site for people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations.

Like most other websites in the niche, ebonyflirt.com features both paid and free services. Quite expectedly, free accounts do not offer much in terms of versatility, but the question remains — could premium features get people the dates they want? The answer to that will mostly depend on one’s expectations placed on this service.

On the whole, this site could be a perfect spot for making new friends, landing quick dates, and even meeting long-term romantic partners. But, then again, different users want different things from a dating service. So, we have come up with a detailed Ebony Flirt reviewconsidering the most important features. Take a look and see if this platform could be a good choice for you.

Audience Structure

EbonyFlirt Review

Even though Ebony Flirt does not reveal stats on the exact user count, website traffic shows that over 90 thousand people are active every week. We assume that those are regular users and newcomers, willing to give this platform a try. All in all, it is unlikely that theEbonyFlirt user database is very vast — given the website specifics. However, almost a thousand active visitors every week is a good sign meaning that anyone can find someone to chat or hook up with.

Is There Any Specification?

EbonyFlirt is one of the black dating sites — this is the main focus of this service, and you can clearly see it from the name. It does not have any other peculiarities, neither when it comes to orientation nor age. It welcomes everyone, from people interested in black BBW singles to hook up with to black Christian singles searching for long-term partners. Frankly speaking, the latter are in the minority, but overall — the user database is very democratic.

Geographical Structure

Not only EbonyFlirt welcomes people of all races, but it is also geographically diverse. Around 150 thousand monthly visits come from the US. However, other countries of the world are also clearly represented by this service. African and South American countries account for a lot of user traffic, even though Europe does not fall behind either. All in all, this is an ideal spot for an interracial hookup because you will have no problem finding people from Morocco, Algeria, UK, or even Russia.

Ethnic Structure

Even though most users on this site are black, the white population is welcome, too. Here, you will find both black girls looking for white guys and white women looking for black men. However, seeking someone of a different race is not at all obligatory. After all, that was never the original intention. If you are black and interested in a person of the same race, this is a great spot for you, too.

Age Structure

Most users on EbonyFlirt are quite young — either in their late twenties or early thirties. All in all, this is the major online dating demographics on most services, and this site is not an exception. Still, other age groups are also represented here. Anyone older than 18 can join, and there are plenty of mature people as well.

Gender Structure

EbonyFlirt Chat

Men dominate this black dating site, which is a bit peculiar because the majority of dating services have more female profiles. Here, however, women account only for a third of the total user database, while men take the leading 67% of the overall count. So, a lot of people assume that this site could be more beneficial for the ladies. This, however, is not always the case, because too much depends on your dating intentions and sexual orientation. On the whole, EbonyFlirt offers pretty much equal hookup chances to both sexes.

Sexual Orientation

Ebony gay community on this service is truly vast, even though, technically, EbonyFlirt was not designed as a gay site exclusively. Still, it never was straight-restricted, so over the years of this platform’s existence, a lot of gay people have created accounts here. Once again, many assume that since most users are men, most gay users will be men, too. This is not exactly true since you can find plenty of ebony lesbians on this service.

Getting Started: EbonyFlirt Sign up

EbonyFlirt Sign up

No matter if you are interested in meeting mature black lesbians or have a different kink in mind, creating an account with this site is a breeze. It literally takes a few minutes and gives anyone a chance to go straight to flirting.

Information You’ll Have to Provide

Ebony Flirt does not offer a social media login option, so newcomers will have to do with good old email registration. On the bright side, new users are only expected to include some very basic information, like an email address, location (with ZIP code), age, and sexual orientation.

Verification Process

This platform is one of those ebony sites that are not very strict with their verification procedures. The only thing a new user is expected to verify is an email address. The verification link is sent immediately, right after you click on the ‘confirm email’ button. Note that you will have to check your spam or promotions folder, not just the primary inbox.

Time It Takes to Get Approved

After newcomers confirm their emails, they are redirected to the website. That is pretty much it — a new participant is fully active and can start browsing Ebony BBW profiles, engage in the black gay chat, or search for any other profiles one could be interested in. There is no waiting period for account activation. However, one should also note that free members have limited communication means, so an account without a paid subscription will never be fully functional. We will get to premium functionalities, prices, and free communication tools a bit later in this review. Right now, let’s just focus on website users and their pages.

EbonyFlirt Account

EbonyFlirt Account

Plenty of dating sites make initial registration quick and expect users to complete their account a bit later down the road. Ebony Flirt is not an exception. However, while some services do have extensive profile description fields, this site is not among them. On the whole, most pages here remain very succinct.

EbonyFlirt Profile Structure

EbonyFlirt Profile Structure

A fully complete account on this black flirt website has a photo gallery (multiple file upload is supported), location, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, hair color, and body type. Clearly, this is not much to go on with when looking for a long-term partner. For a quick hookup, however, this could be just enough.

Profile thumbnails are even less informative than that. There are only a main account picture and two buttons below the pic — chat and like. So, this service makes an emphasis on communication, not on endless profile browsing in search of a perfect match. This, surely, has an upside of sorts, but on the whole, it would be good to know a little more about each user before inviting this person to chat.

Besides, plenty of members leave even such scare profiles blank. Technically, there is an ‘ask to add’ button under each profile graph, allowing people to reach out to some users and ask them to provide more info about themselves. But, of course, there is zero warranty that such a request will be addressed.

EbonyFlirt Search

Since profiles are not very informative, no wonder that available search filters are also very minimalistic. Still, like any other dating site, EbonyFlirt offers two search options — a simple and a bit more complex one.

Basic Search Features

Simple search filters only include information about user age, location, orientation, and online status. It is possible to look for people who are active now, so you two would have a chance to start chatting right away. However, there is nothing else to be impressed with when it comes to search criteria, so it all will depend on your luck.

Advanced Search Features

Advanced search on EbonyFlirt allows indicating hair color and body type parameters, which is a nice (but still barely sufficient) addition to the basic search filters. Besides, there is another problem with it. We already mentioned that most profiles on this site are incomplete, so the search algorithm will not have a lot to work with. Thus, similar to basic filter, the results of your search will depend on your luck, not on software.

Matching Process

Once again, few profile details do not make it possible for the software algorithms to provide multi-criteria matching. Most automatic matches shown to users consider location, approximate age, and sexual orientation. On the whole, this is enough for a quick hookup. The number of matches will surely depend on the region. If, for example, you are looking to date sexy Dominican women, the number of available profiles will be lower than in one of the US major cities. However, location preferences make it possible to date in real-time, which is a huge plus.

Getting in Touch

Ebony Flirt does not support lengthy email-style messages and is mostly based on chat. Besides, we already mentioned that new and free users would not have a lot of contacting tools on this service. The available number of free messages is only limited to five a day, and this number implies messaging five different users, not using all of those credits on just one person. So, while enough for a test run, the limitation is still pretty restricting. Paying accounts do not have limits on communication, though.

Chat Features and Interface

The upside is that chats load quickly, and all chat windows are carefully designed. As already indicated, premium users do not have limits on chatting with other people. Video is also supported within these chats. But, once again, it is only available to paying members.

Is EbonyFlirtSafe?

EbonyFlirt Safe

While there is no 100% safe dating service out there, we do believe this platform is relatively safe to use. Of course, some offensive or fraudulent users cannot be avoided, especially given that Ebony Flirt does not verify anything except a user email. On the bright side, this platform does have a moderator team, and they are doing their job 24/7.

Data Privacy and Protection

Like most other dating services out there, EbonyFlirt uses an SSL encryption to protect their users’ data from leaking online. Any communication via this service is also encrypted and remains private. But, of course, you have to understand that any information you share with others is your responsibility, and the site itself cannot be held liable should you personally disclose too much personal or financial data to a stranger. Technically, your data is safe, and all that’s left for a user is to exercise some reasonable caution when communicating with the community.

Are There Many Scam Profiles?

Since there is no such option as identity verification on Ebony Flirt, there is reason to believe that not all users are who they claim to be. On the other hand, no website in the world can promise a fully legitimate profile database. So, the above statement stands — chat with other people while keeping a clear head about the things you share. And, of course, do not ever fall for any requests for money — just like on any other dating service. On the whole, if you keep this basic security tip in mind, the user database on EbonyFlirt should not disappoint.

How Is It Moderated

If any accounts raise a red flag, you can easily report them to the moderator team. They will take a closer look at the problem and may even ask this person for additional identity verification. Also, every profile that has been reported at least once is marked as suspicious. Users can turn a safety feature on, thus restricting any suspicious pages from contacting them.

Next, website moderators screen most photos uploaded on EbonyFlirt. Pictures taken from stock sites, celebrity pics, and images that do not show one’s face are not allowed on this platform. While not always enough for proper identity verification, this procedure already filters out bot accounts.


EbonyFlirt Support

Most user-generated Ebony Flirt reviews point out that website support is really top-notch. Not only is it available 24/7, but this team is also quick to respond. If you have any questions about the service or want to report some issues, most of your concerns will be solved in a matter of hours. You will have to use an email form to reach out to them, which always seems a bit slow. In practice, Ebony’s support representatives quickly take care of most matters.

Website Usability

It really does not matter if you are looking for a straight partner or an ebony lesbian; you will have no problem finding exactly what you need. Ebony Flirtdoes not have too many interactive features but is straightforward and perfectly usable. There is a moderate amount of ads, a clean interface, and smooth and easy navigation. All in all, we call a job well done.

Is There an EbonyFlirtApp Available

The good news for anyone interested in straight ebony dating or meeting black lesbians is that this service does have an app. However, it is only available for Android devices and — for some reason — not available on Play Market. You can, however, download an APK version directly from the website and run it on your phone. Feature-wise, the app does not compromise on any of the desktop functionalities. However, there is still a matter of iOS users who will have to do with a version optimized for mobile browsers.

Membership Options

EbonyFlirt Options

Like most other dating sites today, Ebony Flirt does offer a paid subscription and a free account. The latter one, however, is mostly helpful to sneak a quick look at the service to see if it’s worth staying (and paying). Take a look at the detailed description of the available features and see for yourself.

EbonyFlirt Free Version

For free, people can create an account, fill in their details, and start searching for other users. They will also be sent automatic match suggestions from the site and will have a chance to like any profiles they find interesting. However, a free plan only supports contacting five other participants a day — once. When your five daily messages expire, a user will have to wait for 24 hours to initiate any other conversations. All in all, this does not seem too bad because most other sites do not even offer that. Still, messaging five different people just once a day is barely enough to meet a lot of matches.

The site also advertises a free trial, which is not exactly free as it costs one dollar a day. Still, the price is pretty symbolic, and it does give trial access to all premium features described in more detail below.

Premium Features

EbonyFlirt Premium

Paying members have way more communication opportunities than free users. Not only can they chat all they want, but they also get a chance to send a flirt broadcast. This is, essentially, the same message sent to all people on your existing contact list. You can also include all accounts you’ve liked in the same broadcast, even if you did not have a chance to chat yet.

Besides, all premium accounts are ranked higher in search results, so they simply get more visibility. Since women are in the minority here, more visibility means more great matches — no matter if you are looking for straight partners or hope to date black lesibans.

EbonyFlirt Pricing: Plans and Prices

Like most other niche dating websites, Ebony Flirt has a slightly higher than average subscription cost. But, then again, most niche platforms, especially sites that make an emphasis on ethnicity, charge more than mainstream dating services. When compared to others, this black dating site is quite affordable.

One month of being a premium member costs slightly less than $30. Subscribing for three months reduces this cost to $16.20 a month, or $48.6 total. Half a year is the cheapest option that comes at $79.20 total, or approximately $13.20 a month.

Cancelling EbonyFlirt Subscription and Deleting Profile

All subscriptions auto-renew automatically, so if you do not want to remain a paying member, you will have to cancel an existing subscription several days before the new billing period starts. Or, you could cancel it even sooner than that. In that case, you will enjoy all the perks until the period expires, but you will not be billed again when it’s over. If you want to delete your account permanently, you can easily do so from profile settings. However, always remember to cancel all payment subscriptions first because you may still be billed again, even if your page is inactive.


This site is an excellent fit for anyone who wants to date black people, and one does not even have to be black to join this service. Here, you can find plenty of black women looking for white men, as well as white women seeking black men. Neither does it restrict any sexual orientations from joining, so anyone dreaming of meeting a hot gay guy or a lesbian ebony can also try their luck with the website. While not free to use, prices are very reasonable. But, what is truly important is that EbonyFlirt can land you dates, and that is what really counts in the online dating world.

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