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Fetlife Review – Can You Find Your Soulmate Here?

Fetlife Review – Can You Find Your Soulmate Here?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 523 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Fetlife platform is non-judgemental, and there is so much support;
  • The membership fees are very affordable;
  • There is quite an array of kinks and fetishes present;
  • It is a ground to learn and even help people spice up their sexual lives;
  • It is easy to use and find your way around the sites.
  • The interface is a bit old;
  • It is not a dating site hence you may or may not find a relationship;
  • The majority of the users do not show their faces, so it is hard to know who you are in communication with, and that can be unsettling;
  • Scummers are common;
  • You never know anyone’s intentions.

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Just imagine waking up next to the love of your life, you head to the kitchen, make some breakfast, and have your kids join in the hearty breakfast. Isn’t that nice? Getting a partner that will stick by you to the end is great, but getting one that additionally supports and fulfills all your sexual fantasies and fetishes is better.

But, let’s be real, how many people would stick around if you told them you had a sexual fetish most find awkward? Let us say you like feet or role-playing, 99.9% of the people you open up on the same will not hesitate to walk away. And if the other 0.1% remains man, that was meant to be.

In the simplest of words, Fetlife is an adult social networking platform that brings people with fetishes together. It is where all the sexually liberal that society labels ‘weird’ share ideas, have conversations, and even meet up. It is a safe place where someone gets to be themselves without feeling judged.

Members Structure

Members Structure

The audience structure of the Fetlife website consists of a group of individuals who are looking into exploring and getting more information about their sexual urges. The platform has over 8 million users worldwide who are up to learn a thing or two, advise others, and even try it out themselves. The bulk of that 8 million is located in the USA.

It is open for all people who are curious about their sexual lives.

Specification of the Dating Platform

The Fetlife platform accommodates all. If you are gay, lesbian, straight, Muslim, Christian, or any other social grouping, you are welcome. As mentioned above, it is a non-discriminatory haven for individuals who want to explore their sexuality in ways most are not comfortable with.

Geographical Distribution

The social network is used all over the world, although the vast majority are based in the United States of America, South America, and Europe. The genesis of the site is in Vancouver, Canada.

Ethnic Distribution

Ethnic Distribution

Fetlife.com, being considered a social network rather than a dating site, accommodates all ethnicities from all over the globe. So whatever ethnic background you fall under, the platform does not discriminate you. It is, therefore, safe to say that the main ethnicities, namely Caucasian, Black, Asian, and Latino, are welcomed to use the platform.

Average Age of the Users

The dominant age group of users falls between the ages of 18 and 35. The reason behind this statistic is that now people are more open about speaking about sex and all it is about. This is the total opposite of how things were 20-30 years ago, so much so, it is rare to find the older people using the platform. But that does not mean they are not there; they are just fewer. People are now liberated, so they too are part of the Fet Life family at large.

Gender Structure

Both sexes are represented in the Fetlife database, and yet again, just like most dating sites, men are the majority. They make up approximately 70% of the users, while women take up the remaining 30% slot.

Sexual Orientation and Preferences

The Fetlife website being a sexual, social networking site would be weird if it did not accept all sexual orientations. With that said, there are thousands of groups and communities around all the sexual orientations. A few are gay, lesbians, transgender, pansexual, cis woman, cis man, pansexual, demisexual, and so much more.

Fetlife Sign-Up and Login Process

Fetlife Sign-Up and Login Process

To get the Fetlife login, you sign up using two possible avenues. The first is via email, and the second is using a valid phone number. Both of them are very straightforward to complete.

Information You’ll Need to Add to Your Account

For the sign up you provide your nickname, which is what you will be viewed as. Next, you select your gender, sexual orientation, role preference, and your birthday to verify your age.

Verification Process

To get verified to get a Fetlife profile, you get an SMS or email sent to you after submitting your sign up form. In the text or email, you get the verification code to activate your account.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

As long as you have a working phone number and a stable internet connection, you get your verification link or code and start your browsing on the platform promptly.

Fetlife Account

Fetlife Account

Once you are verified, you can start using your Fet Life account from the get-go, free or paid. To complete your account set up, you have to answer a few questions, and after that, you are set. All in all, the process is straightforward and quick to get done. And this is said in many Fetlife reviews available on the internet besides this one.

Fetlife Profile Structure

The Fetlife profile consists of six separate tabs. In each of these sections, you input whatever you like, but the general rule of thumb is that the more you put out there, the better. It heightens your chances of scoring more and better matches to your profile, so why not!

First off, there is the tab that allows you to change any information you put in during the registration process. You can also decide to leave things as they are and proceed. This part is the one with your generalized data.

The second section is the ‘for you’ tab. Here is where you pour out something small or if you want a lot about yourself. You could speak of your upbringing, life lessons, motivational quotes, so on and so forth. Whatever your being embodies, this is where it goes.

Tab number three is on relationships. Here it entails the part that you state your relationship status and who you are in connection if you have one. And if you do, they must then be a member of the Fetlife.com family.

Tab number four is a section that allows you to post any links to websites, social media, or any other safe avenues you would like your matches to see. It could also be work-related, for example, if you are in the business of selling BDSM materials, then this part comes in handy.

The last two tabs are the visuals. You want your matches to have a face to who wrote all those words in the previous tabs. Here you add photos and videos that best represent who you are. The videos and the images can be uploaded via email. However, the media must not exceed 5GB.

You have the freedom to make your profile public or private. Whatever floats your boat! As not everyone wants to be seen by everyone else. While you choose the setting of privacy, take note that when you set it to the public, what you post goes to everyone, and you have little or no control after it is out there.

Fetlife Search

The Fetlife search allows you to navigate through the database and find people or a fetish included in the site. To search, you use the explorer bar tab to get in touch and communicate with fellow Fetlife members.

To start a chat with another member is free, and you can talk to anyone you feel like talking too. Well, as long as they want it also, otherwise, it would be categorized as assault if you get offended by their refusal and take up to become aggressive or abusive.

Fetlife Basis Search Features

Through the Fetlife platform, you can get to search for anything and everything on the explore tab. Although there is a big difference when compared to any other dating site. The Fetlife site is a social networking platform that has a different setting when it comes to searches. You cannot search by age, location, or sex. But if you are looking for people with urine fetishes or one into leather play, you get them through other posts, groups, and forums.

Think of how you use Facebook and other social media platforms; well, Fetlife is the same.

Kinkster Nearby Search Feature

The perv Kinkster Nearby feature allows you to see Fet Life members in your locality, which gives you the freedom to connect with them if you wish.

There is also the Kink and popular that ranks the trendy kinks of the season. It includes all you need to know about the trends through related posts, groups, and blog posts as well. On the site, you not only get to connect but also learn and pass some information on.

Matching Algorithm

Since Fet Life is not a dating site, you do not necessarily get matched up, but instead, you get suggestions that are close to your interests on your feed. For instance, if you have a history of liking or taking part in leather plays or cos-playing, those are the kind of content you will majorly come across in your feed.

From there is it then you who decides who or what you will get involved in, it is as simple as that.

Getting in Touch

Now, when you get to the point that you want to contact someone because you like what you see, you go ahead and contact them via messaging. As mentioned earlier, this service is free of charge.

Chat Interface and Some Interesting Features

The Fetlife chat features are fundamental, and they resemble the traditional email exchange that is very simple to decipher. Messages are sent back and forth, and you can view the conversation at a glance.

Yet another chat feature is linked is the blog platform. Here you have the privilege to be part of a system that allows you to read and learn through people’s experiences on stories, get advice, and tips on a few things on different topics. On that same note, you can also be the person making the entry and get other Fet Life users to read about your story.

Lastly, there is a group and community creation feature that allows users to make and join others with similar interests. Here you get to be part of a circle that is more into the things you like. For instance, you can join a group and community that is into BDSM and everything included.

Is Fetlife Safe?

Is Fetlife Safe?

Having a profile on Fetlife is as safe as it can get. Having a place to vent out your sexual frustrations to other individuals who totally can understand and relate is beautiful. It is safe in the sense that there are minimal cases of cyberbullying and other forms of abuse and assault.

On the flip side, some users having the freedom to remain anonymous on the site have proven to be using this privilege for wrongdoing. With this, specific incidences such as catfishing and even conning other vulnerable users in it for genuine connections are frequent. With that said, it is always advisable to be careful who you get into contact with. And even if they are anonymous, use your sixth intuition sense. If it does not feel right, then it probably is not!

Data Privacy and Protection

A majority of Fetlife reviews attest that using the platform is safe owing to the fact that all information exchanged through the platform is SSL-encrypted. The site does not sell or give your personal data to third-party entities even to law enforcement unless they are issued a court order.

The website tries its level best to keep scammers out, although we all know that it is somewhat impossible. In that case, you are then encouraged to report any form of abuse directed to you. From there, the moderators will monitor the account, and if they are for sure, breaking the rules, they are removed from the site.

The only way your data may be used is in the statistical analysis of the site, nothing sinister.

Is There Any Possibility to Come Across Scam Profiles?

It would be a lie if we said there are a few. Since members are at liberty to keep their true identities hidden, quite a number of fraudsters use this to their advantage. Furthermore, the aliases are used in duping unsuspecting victims. As a general rule, always be skeptical and never let your guard down. Do not be dumb, putting your sensitive information out there for someone malicious to use against you.

Dealing with Fetlife Scam Profiles

When you report a Fetlife profile, you suspect to be a fraud; the moderators take a look at it monitoring its activities. If they are, for sure, fraudulent, they are deleted promptly.

Help and Support

The support team is up and running and will assist you in any technical issue you may be facing. The help section of the site includes a comprehensive database with frequently asked questions with the answers. If your problem is not part of that, feel free to contact them on a separate section that allows you to report, suggest new ideas, and get more tech support.

The help and support of Fetlife score a clean 8.0 out of ten. Of the many, an eight is pretty impressive.

Website User-Friendliness

Once you load the site, you are hit by the red and black colored interface that sets the kinky mood from the get-go. With such a website, you expect nothing but fluidity, of which the developers grasped that concept right away. You experience a smooth transition to different sections of the site without a hustle. The blog posts, the forums, and the profiles are easy to get to and more so to post and be part of the funk.

Using the Fetlife website is not tedious and will have you hooked for hours on end.

Is There Is a Fetlife App Available?

Yes, there is a Fetlife app available for both Android and iOS users. And it can be downloaded on any online store for free.

The features on the mobile app are just as responsive as the ones on the website, and so it is possible to use the app on the go.

Membership Options

There are two membership levels to use the Fetlife platform. The first is the free service that has a lot of features, and the second is the paid-for membership for people who are looking for a more streamlined experience.

Fetlife Free Version

  • When you use the free version, you get to enjoy:
  • Free download of the mobile app;
  • Register an account;
  • Fully build up your profile;
  • Communicate with everyone and anyone;
  • Be part of any community group;
  • Make comments and entries on the blog articles.

On this same plan, you can get the privilege to taste the waters on the premium side of things for seven days for the free premium trial. If you opt to try it out, you will have to input your credit card details as proof you can pay if you choose to go ahead and purchase the plan later on.

Premium Features

  • The paid version of the platform gives you everything the free version has plus;
  • A larger database to search from;
  • Access to adult video content;
  • This deal is very affordable.

Fetlife Pricing: Subscription Plans and Prices

The paid version of Fetlife.com entails the following prices for the indicated amount of time at a set price of $5 a month;

  • $30 for 6 Months;
  • $60 for 12 Months;
  • $120 for 24 Months;
  • $240 for a lifetime.

This price tag seems to be very affordable, considering the features you get to have at your disposal. This is barely a dent in your finances.

Cancelling Subscription and Deleting Fetlife Profile

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the service, and you feel it is time you left, Fetlife will not hold you back. At the end of the day, it is a free world, and you get to choose what’s best for you.

In that case, you can decide to either cancel your subscription or remain in the free zone or leave the platform temporarily or entirely – the latter forcing you to get rid of your account completely.

So to cancel your subscription, you simply uncheck the automated renewal in the settings. And to deactivate or delete a profile, you go to settings and select deactivate Fetlife or delete Fetlife account. The first will make your invisible to anyone on search while the second one will erase your profile. Deactivating gives you a chance to rejoin the platform at a later stage if you wish.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that yes, even with your kinky side, you too deserve to be heard and loved like everyone else. And Fetlife.com is that haven for everyone who seems to be misunderstood and taken for unusual. It gives them a voice and a place to feel right at home. And so, if you feel you have been suppressing your kinks or have a new itch of curiosity on the same, head on to Fetlife.com and join the community, they will receive you with open arms. You never know, you might meet the love of your life through Fetlife dating.

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