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InternationalCupid Review: The Ultimate Means of International Dating

InternationalCupid Review: The Ultimate Means of International Dating
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration process is fairly simple
  • High level of security on this site
  • Over 1,000,000 users all over the world
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Most profiles are verified
  • Free users are limited in messaging
  • iPhone app is not available
  • Only basic matching for free users
  • Limited photo uploading for free members
  • No refunds

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To begin with, InternationalCupid.com is a dating website that helps people from various parts of the world find partners for serious relationships. It was established by Cupid Media in 2004 and gained immense popularity all over the world. Its audience mainly consists of people living in the US and European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, etc. A certain number of users come from Latin American, Asian and African countries, too.

Who are this website users?

An audience of InternationalCupid mainly consists of an approximately equal number of males and females searching for their match. Most of them have one common aim, though their preferences in choosing a partner may be different. To find these out, you will have to look through the ‘About me’ section of users’ profiles. Profiles can give you the most precise information about this or that person.

Does it features any niche specifics?

As far as the menu makes it clear, InternationalCupid supports all kinds of relationships. The function of choosing a same-sex partner is available. The administration understands that various counties have different views on this issue, so no visible restrictions are found on this site. No visible niche, either; this site is pretty mainstream.

Geographical user stats

As the name of this site presupposes, users come from different countries and regions. The large numbers of them reside in the US and Europe, mostly in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain. Nevertheless, many users come from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand. Some people come from Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina). So, this site really has global coverage and is immensely popular outside the US.

Ethnic structure

Ethnic diversity is one of the main features of Cupid International. People of all ethnicities and most nationalities can be found on this site. Don’t forget that the population of many countries is quite diverse. Even if you have some specific preferences with ethnic and national issues, you will find what you look for on this site.

User data by age

This site is popular with users of all ages, which is clear from the list of profiles. Most users are aged from 35 to 54, though. This category appears to be the most active one as people at this age are more interested in having serious relationships. Nevertheless, younger users are also represented here, especially young women. Older people (55+) do not fancy this platform, so you will only see a couple of users in their fifties.

Gender stats

As mentioned earlier, the gender structure of this site is fairly equal. In fact, this website has a practically 50/50 ratio of male vs. female accounts. It is good because this site is not a one-sex-only platform, and it actually helps people find their love.

Sexual orientations allowed

There are no evident restrictions for users in manifesting their sexual orientation. Most of them are straight in their sexual preferences, though this site is open for all users, no matter their orientation. During registration, this site gives all newcomers the possibility of choosing the sex of a partner they are looking for. Such a choice is included as an option.

Getting started: InternationalCupid sign up

Getting started: InternationalCupid sign up

Registration on this site is quite simple and won’t cause any difficulty. The process takes from 1 to 3 minutes as there is minimum action you have to do. There is also an option that offers its users to register via Facebook. This choice seems quite popular since it saves a couple of minutes filling out your basic details.

Information you need to register

The process of registration requires minimum information. You have to mention your name, email, gender, and age. Also, you will have to create a password for your account. You don’t have to upload any additional information or photo if you don’t wish to. These data can be added later. Nevertheless, every time you enter your account, this site will remind you about the necessity to complete it. Another useful feature is that you can add photos from your Facebook profile to this site’s gallery.

InternationalCupid Verification process

The verification process is not too complicated. You can do it even before your profile is complete. All you have to do is upload your ID to prove that your account is not fake.

How long will identity verification take?

The verification process is not too long. As in all Cupid dating sites, it usually takes from 24 to 48 hours. After that, you will be able to use your profile at full range.

InternationalCupid Account Quality

Creating an account is quite simple and won’t cause any problems even to users unfamiliar with free international dating sites in general. The whole procedure will take about three or five minutes. You will have to provide some basic information such as your name, gender, and email. Even uploading pictures is unnecessary at the beginning. Those of you who are registered on Facebook can use this information to simplify the process of InternationalCupid login.

InternationalCupid Profile structure

As with any international dating service, this one has its peculiarities concerning setting up a profile. First of all, your profile will be visible to other users. There is no such option as a ‘hidden’ profile on this site. After completion of the verification process, your account will get a special badge, which indicates that your profile is trustworthy and isn’t fake. Special match indicators will help you while arranging your profile. You can set up information about yourself and requirements for the partner you are looking for in a free form, though it is possible to create a very detailed profile if you wish to. Write about your education, hobbies, and lifestyle, and life views. This information will be helpful in the search for an appropriate person to communicate with in the future.

InternationalCupid Search Filters

InternationalCupid Search Filters

International dating sites give you almost full freedom to search for the right person for yourself. There are special filters and matching programs that can be quite helpful if you don’t want to waste your time by doing it yourself. Though, if you wish to search for a partner manually, there are no restrictions for this.

Basic Search Features on Cupid

If you want to optimize your search for prospective partners, you can start with basic filters. They are based on certain issues such as the popularity of users, country of residence, latest activity, freshly registered users, etc. One can tune them most conveniently, in just a few moments. Nevertheless, it is important to clarify that not all filters are available to free users. This feature depends on the level of membership you have.

Cupid Advanced Search Features

Advanced search features are available only to paid users. They include extra search filters that include sorting people based on their education, background, smoking and drinking habits, and many more. Users can also indicate marital status while searching for people from a particular country or region. It can help you make your search more effective and specific. Such features save time and help improve productivity. Most users visible to free members come from Eastern Europe, the US, and Latin America. Paid users are allowed to search for members who live in other countries. This feature opens only after obtaining full membership.

Cupid Logic in Matching

Cupid Logic in Matching

All matching processes are performed by special software. They take your information and compare it to all users that are available on this site. Profiles that truly match your requirements will be displayed to you. It is why users are advised to create detailed profiles as it increases the possibility of finding a suitable person faster. Search filters improve every year and become more complex. This site offers one of the best combinations of them, capable of processing a vast amount of profiles and giving the best results possible. It is another pro for getting a paid account instead of using a free and quite limited one. It is always better to pay a few bucks but find a great match soon.

How to get in touch with other users?

Starting foreign dating with other users will be available right after your account is verified. Though, remember that there are certain peculiarities connected with different types of membership.

How does Cupid chat work?

This site features a live chat that allows one to send messages online. Many users think that this is a great option, which adds more points to this site. It kind of resembles live communication, not just simple messaging. Unfortunately, there is no video chat available, which may disappoint some users.

InternationalCupid Safety & Security

InternationalCupid Safety & Security

Safety is essential when you deal with legitimate international dating sites. Nevertheless, no site can guarantee total security to its users. The administration doesn’t check if all the profiles are authentic. But, you can always report another user if you come across scam profiles or trace any suspicious activity.

Data privacy and protection policies on Cupid

Foreign dating sites use modern means of protection, so no personal data leakage is possible if users strictly follow these rules. This fact means that they are not advised to send their data to people they don’t know well or profiles that seem suspicious to them. Remember that security is not only the administration’s responsibility. Users should also be aware of all risks possible.

How many profiles are fake?

Despite the hard work of the security system, there may be some fake accounts, but they appear to be a pure rarity on this site. If you notice that someone is trying to scam you on this site, feel free to report this person to the support team.

Does InternationalCupid moderate fake accounts?

First of all, every account should complete the verification procedure. Those who dismiss this procedure are monitored and controlled as their profiles don’t have a special badge, indicating their credibility. Nevertheless, if a fake account is detected, it gets immediately deleted.

InternationalCupid Help & Support Quality

As the best international dating site within the Cupid Media franchise, this site has a user support team that aims to solve all the problems that may arise. According to reviews from its users, the support team reacts quickly and manages to deal with all their troubles rather effectively. Note that in most cases, users contact the support team about membership and refund; requests related to serious trouble are a big rarity on this site.

InternationalCupid design & usability

InternationalCupid design & usability

The site is really convenient and very cleverly designed. It is difficult to imagine a user who can face serious troubles when handling it. All the buttons and links are placed logically, so one can easily reach and use all the site’s features. Contacting other people is a breeze, too. This site tries to keep its hand on the pulse of modern design, and it does a great job so far.

InternationalCupid app features and availability

There is a mobile app available on the official site. In general, it features the same options as the desktop does. Also, there is a special function within the mobile app that shows possible matches automatically, and in most cases, they are quite successful. Many users find this feature really convenient. Cupid media international dating apps are famous for their great products, and this site is not an exception. Unfortunately, the iOS version is not available as of yet.

Membership Plans and Prices

Like any dating site, this one has a proper gradation of membership plans. There are free members and paid members. Each of the categories has its advantages and restrictions, which is a common tactic used by the majority of dating sites. So, what are the differences between free and paid memberships?

InternationalCupid Free Account

Free members are allowed to browse other people’s profiles, send likes, and answer paid users’ messages. However, some options are not unavailable to free accounts. First of all, they can’t participate in chats as they are open only to paid members. Secondly, they don’t have access to all search filters, and thus, spend more time searching for suitable matches. Free membership is a good mode for testing the site and getting to know how it works. But if you want to expand your communication and make it more effective, it is better to obtain Gold or Premium membership.

Premium features

Premium members enjoy more advanced features on this site. They can communicate with all types of users: paid ones and free ones. The possibility of messaging is unlimited to them. There is an anonymous mode that allows paid members to browse other people’s profiles without being detected.

Furthermore, Premium members are saved from annoying ads that give plenty of free users a headache. A whole set of exclusive filters is available to paying members. Their searches for a partner are more convenient and effective.

Also, Platinum members are highlighted in the list of profiles, which gives more visibility on this site. It also raises the possibility of getting contacted first. Translation service is also included in a platinum account plan. For some people, this feature may seem unnecessary. Nevertheless, don’t forget that not all users can speak and write English, and there is no guarantee that the person you like is fluent enough to communicate with you.

Also, there are some exclusive galleries and lists of members hidden from free users, such as the Gallery of Exotic Ladies. All paying members have free access to them. Paid membership provides a profile owner with more space in the personal information section. As you see, there are plenty of advantages for paid members; so, if you really want to enjoy this site to its fullest, you should definitely consider going premium. Moreover, the pricing here is quite reasonable.

InternationalCupid Pricing: Plans and prices###

There are two types of paid membership on this site: Premium and Gold. The administration of this site has developed several plans for its users. They differ in price and the possibilities they provide their users with.

As for the Gold membership, it allows users to anonymously use their profiles, hide all the ads, open access to the live chat rooms, and enable writing messages to all other users. The pricing for this plan for one month costs $29.98. If you wish to try this mode for three months, you will have to pay $59.99. In case you want to expand this model for a year, prepare to pay $119.98.

The platinum members get the same features as Gold users have but with some extra features. They include using a free translation service, more modern search algorithms, highlighting your profile as a VIP user, and expanding space for personal information. Platinum membership for one month costs $34.99. For three months, you will have to pay $69.98. A yearlong usage of this package will cost you $149.99.

We suggest that any people seriously interested in finding a life partner should go for an annual platinum plan. Money-wise, it is not much more expensive than Gold membership. However, it does offer way more features, of which translation is the top one.

As you see, the pricing is quite reasonable and is affordable for the majority of dating site users. Payment can be made via various systems such as WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, via a direct money transfer, or a credit card.

Unsubscribing from InternationalCupid and deleting profile

Unsubscribing from InternationalCupid and deleting profile

Deleting your profile is as easy as registering on the site, and it also won’t take much time to get it done. To perform this procedure, you will have to go to the ‘Profile settings’ section and find an option called Remove. After entering your password and indicating the reason you want to leave this site, your profile will be deleted. Dating sites usually ask their users to state why they delete their profiles to monitor their resource’s flaws and improve their work.



In the conclusion of this InternationalCupid review, we can say that this site is a great representative of the Cupid Media franchise. It connects people from various parts of the world and helps them find each other. Incredibly, one may find so many different people gathered on one website searching for each other. No matter what kind of person you search for, here you will find what you need. Prices on this site are more than affordable, so it is worthy to obtain a Premium or Gold account. It will ease the process of finding an ideal partner. Advanced search software and matching systems will find a suitable person for you to fall in love with.

This site is well secured, so there is very little chance of coming across a scammer or a fake account. Chat is also a great feature, which is a good tool for communication online. What is more, this site is suitable not only for those who buy paid accounts but also for those who use it for free. A range of functions is available for free users. A technical support team works well here, and you can always ask questions if you have any.

Payment is made in various ways, which are accessible to most users. And a free translation service is also available for free users. Sadly, there is no mobile app for iOS, though the Android app is well-programmed and convenient. So if you are tired of being lonely and search for love or an exotic adventure with a foreigner, you should check out this site. It won’t disappoint you. To sum all InternationalCupid reviews up, this site is a great place that changed the lives of many people worldwide!

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