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Raya Review: How Does It Work in 2022

Raya Review: How Does It Work in 2022
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Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-55
Profiles 990 000
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Privacy is very much respected here, which is why all users of Raya dating are well secured.
  • At Raya, people can meet other individuals who come from the show-business realm, sports, and other types of activities that make those to be well-known celebrities.
  • Even though there is a complicated procedure of joining, it proves to be worth it, justifying all expectations of its members.
  • Raya membership cost is relatively affordable.
  • Their service faces multiple improvements regularly so that development and growth are its main prerogatives.
  • During registration, all users need to grant Raya access to their Instagram profiles, so there is a slight breach of privacy included.
  • People must have a referral to register on the Raya dating site.
  • People cannot see what Raya dating is all about without having registered.
  • All members must initially be approved, which might not happen.
  • Raya has a long waiting list, which might make people interested in joining.

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Raya app presents itself as an organized community of values that respects people’s privacy and does not expose any dating information on its homepage. Raya was constructed specifically for people who respect their privacy and do not want to be publicly discussed. This dating website was designated for well-known people who are mostly celebrities. Raya’s networking features emphasize the creativity of people who represent their community. It is not easy to join because all members have to go through a multi-leveled verification process. Yet, when joining the dating app for famous people, its members are welcome to express themselves in many possible ways. Raya dating is officially considered an online platform that requires membership of people who decide to join their networking community.

Main Target Audience of Celebrity Dating App Raya

Raya services are not foreseen to be used by everyone. In fact, there are not that many people that know of Raya or its particularities. Be that as it may, the Raya dating app’s affordability does not mean that anyone can use it. To become a member, a person needs to go through a multi-leveled process of verification, which might as well not be passed by every potential candidate. Raya must determine a level of “recognizability” of a person that decides to become its member, which is why it has to access their Instagram account. Having access to a potential member Instagram, its administration is able to check whether that person is famous enough to become a part of the community.

Does Raya Dating Site Have a Focus on Particular Groups of People?

Does Raya Dating Site Have a Focus on Particular Groups of People?

Raya dating does not have a particular specification about people who can become its members. Thus, there is no differentiation between gay, mature, Christian, BDSM, or any other types of kinks, fetishes, or preferences. On Raya, every person, in spite of their background, fetish, or preference is welcome, which is why it can be considered an inclusive service. Yet, it puts an emphasis on celebrities, whereas only well-known people can become official members.

Can Raya Dating Be Considered an International Dating Service?

Initially, Raya dating homepage is loaded in English, and there is no way of choosing a region or language. In order to see what it is all about, all potential users must go through a registration procedure and verify their accounts. Be that as it may, the Raya dating site is considered an international exclusive networking service that functions worldwide. Yes, to get access to Raya dating, a user must be proficient in the English language. It would also prove to be useful for a user to be located in a big city in Europe or America so that the chances of meeting someone would be higher.

Is There Any Exclusivity in Terms of Ethnic Background of a Person Who Wants to Become a Raya Member?

Once again, considering that the dating app Raya is an exclusive service mostly foreseen to be used by celebrities, it does not limit its audience in terms of ethnicity. Indeed, specification in terms of public status is the only distinguishable features that make Raya dating to be exclusive. Simultaneously, there is no differentiation between ethnic background, which is why Raya dating site is considered an inclusive service for celebrities of all ethnicities.

Celebrity Dating App Age Limits

There are certainly no minors allowed on Raya dating app. On their Guidelines and Values page, it says that on Raya, no person who is under 18 will be approved. There is no limit on the maximum age of a person, but every member has to be an adult. There is also no particular way of tricking the app, and signing up being under 18, because there is a multi-leveled verification process that would not allow a minor person to be able to sign up. Age is checked following all uploaded identification documents and social media page as well.

Does Raya Dating Site Welcome People of All Genders?

Does Raya Dating Site Welcome People of All Genders?

Raya dating does appear to be an exclusive service that welcomes celebrities only. At the same time, the Raya dating site does not exclude a possibility for all genders to be able to become a part of their service. In fact, the more inclusive audience is in terms of minorities, the more beneficial it is for Raya dating app as well. Be that as it may, an audience of Raya is already rather limited, which is why there is no use for the celebrity dating app to narrow it down even more.

Which Sexual Orientations Can Benefit From Using Dating App Raya?

As a matter of fact, among celebrities, there are many people who have their special kinks and fetishes. For this reason, Raya only seems to be benefiting from including different specialties in its services so that people of different sexual orientations would be free to join and benefit from using a celebrity dating app. At this point, celebrities of different sexual orientations are more than welcome to become a part of Raya, where they will be able to meet a variety of people who represent inclusivity and diversity.

Raya Registration Procedure

To get Started on Raya, all users need to provide some of their essential information in their application form. In fact, the registration procedure itself is very easy, but it is quite not simple to get in due to high competition and long waiting lists. Users can sign up using a celebrity dating app, to which they will be redirected by clicking on ‘Join Raya.’ The registration procedure that goes through their phone application requires all users to put in their Instagram information. Users’ Instagram data is very important because celebrity dating app administration must check all user information in order to define whether they are popular enough to become a member.

Which Data Do Users Have to Provide to Sign Up?

The most important information that all users need to provide is their essential background that includes age, gender, and so on, where specific attention is paid to their Instagram accounts. All users have to submit their Instagram authorization data so that the Raya dating app would be able to check their popularity level, the number of their followers, and the amounts of their likes. Celebrity dating app users have to explain what is their main profession. It is also important to indicate an already existent member, who is used as a reference for dating app Raya administration.

Account Verification on Raya App

Raya Search Process

There are also multiple levels of verification on the Raya dating app, where all users have to submit their Instagram information and provide a reference of a page of their friend or an acquaintance, who is already a member. In certain cases, there is also a need to provide identification documents to have one’s account verified. Additionally, there is a need to verify an email address and a phone number. However, not all the applicants need to go through all of those stages because there is a waiting list. People could be deleted from a list by either being approved or disapproved by the dating app administration.

Raya Dating Approval Waiting Period

Approximately only 8 percent of all applicants get their accounts approved. At this point, it is apparent that a waiting list is rather long, and chances to be approved for anyone, if not celebrities, are also quite low. People need to wait for a long time until their account is approved because many candidates are willing to get in contact with celebrities. Be that as it may, waiting time may vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months because Raya admins need to determine whether a person is popular enough to become a member.

Raya Profile Description

The exclusive online dating and networking platform offers its members a quality profile creation that would enhance their benefits and increase their chances for a perfect match. Initially, all users need to indicate that they will comply with all rules provided on Raya. All users must respect their partners’ privacy, communicate politely, and restrain from using impolite language or exposing violence, nudity, child porn, or any type of illegal activity.

What Do Raya Dating Users Need to Indicate in Their Profiles?

Every user profile on the Raya dating app must feature some essential information about a person’s background; it must include their name, age, and gender. One of the most important aspects of the profiles is the photo gallery. A matching procedure is simple; members are offered to check random profiles of other individuals, where they can go through all pictures and decide whether they like that person. An important part of every profile is that it has a geographic location prescribed to check how far or how close other people are.

Raya Search Process

Raya Search Process

On Raya dating app, the search process itself is organized quite simply. All users do not need to put in an extra effort to look for matches. There is a map of users nearby, as well as the ones who are further away. However, users cannot message those who are shown on the Raya dating map; only matches get access to messaging. Potential matches appear on a home screen of all users, where they only need to either like or dislike every profile to see whether a person on another side likes them too.

Raya App Essential Search Characteristics

There is no need to conduct an actual search on Raya; there is a possibility to filter it appropriately. People on Raya dating app do not only put in their data about age, gender, location, and so on, but they also need to indicate specific preferences about their matches. With this, all users can indicate a distance on which they can look for matches, a gender they are looking for, and the age of their potential partner.

Are There Any Extended Features For Search on Raya?

Considering the fact that there is no free membership on Raya, only a paid one, there is only one set of search features available. In other words, users cannot differentiate between a free account features and an extended one because there is only one type of membership on the Raya dating site. Raya search functions as a slideshow of pictures that are pulled from Instagram accounts of its users. All Raya users can see through a profile description of every potential match, as well as to check their photos.

How People Match on Raya?

How People Match on Raya?

The matching process on Raya is also very simple because there is no need to look for people in order to find a match. Matches are suggested automatically, where all that a user needs is to either like or dislike a suggested profile of a person located nearby. When a person on the other side also likes a user’s profile, they have a match, and then they can start chatting with each other.

Messaging on Raya Dating

To message someone, people must have a match. After a person from the suggested slideshow likes a user back, they have a match, and after that, it is possible to start chatting. All users can send an unlimited amount of messages, attach gifs, emoji, and other media.

Main Chatting Characteristics on Raya

On Raya, there are all essential chat features available. There is no live video chatting available, and users are also unable to attach any personal pictures from a phone. Yet, every other essential feature is included, and Raya keeps improving their chat, while many updates do follow regularly.

Can Raya Members Feel Safe Using This Website?

Considering the fact that it is almost impossible to get on Raya for regular people, all of its members can be assured of their privacy and security. The app encrypts all messaging and other private data, where all payment information is also firmly secured. Besides, it considers a multi-level verification process so that all users can be sure that they are safe once they are in.

Privacy Policy on Celebrity Dating App

The fact that Raya does not leave its users’ profiles open means that it respects its audience’s privacy. In fact, privacy and security are some of Raya’s most important values determining its overall policy. In order to sign in, every user must go through a multi-faceted process, where many verification stages have to be outdone. In addition, all data is encrypted, messaging is private, and even their support department does not have access to it. Also, Raya dating ensures that all profiles that disrespect the privacy of others must be reported. Another special safety feature is that when a user makes a screenshot of another person’s profile, that user can be reported and permanently lose access to Raya dating.

What About Fake Accounts on Raya Dating?

What About Fake Accounts on Raya Dating?

High levels of security and the need to have one’s account approved with an Instagram page mean that it is impossible to have fake accounts registered on Raya. Even if there are some, they would be reported and permanently banned.

What Happens When a User Encounters a Fake Profile on Raya?

It is almost impossible for a fake account to be registered on Raya, as it has already been said. But when one is found, it is reported and banned from the app permanently.

How Does Support Department Work on Celebrity Dating App?

There is a functional support department on Raya dating that operates 24/7. Support is an option to refer to when users have questions about their payments, registration, and privacy. All issues are considered by Raya’s support and replied to in rather convenient time limits.

How User-Friendly Is Their Website?

Networking and dating do not work on the Raya website. For networking and dating, all users need to use the Raya app. The app is available on Apple App Store, but there is no phone application for Android users. The website is very simple because it only explains essential information about the service. It also redirects users to the registration procedure, which is only available on their app.

What About a Cell Phone Application?

The main way in which the Raya app functions is through a mobile application. People register and login only with their mobile phones. The Raya dating site does not allow us to use any of their services, but only to find out more about it.

Is There a Paid and Free Membership Available on Raya?

Is There a Paid and Free Membership Available on Raya?

There is no free membership available on Raya. A monthly subscription is $7.99, and it must be renewed every month. All essential features are already included, and there is no possibility to change options between upgraded or basic types of accounts because there is only one available.

Can Users Try Raya For Free?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a free trial, because it appears to be impossible due to the policy of the service. Be that as it may, Raya functions in a way where users need to be put on a waiting list and wait until their account is approved. With this, it is impossible to use Raya through a desktop version of their site or with an app. All users need to be registered and pay to use all the features.

What Are Premium Account Features?

Users cannot differentiate between free and premium accounts because there is only a paid one available. Paid membership on Raya costs $7.99 monthly, and it cannot be upgraded any further.

Raya Pricing: Ranges and Limits

Apparently, the Raya dating app is surprisingly not expensive. The only cost is $7.99, and it is conducted as a monthly payment. The cost could be justified by the fact that even though being on a waiting list to get their accounts approved, users still need to pay. This way, not to get them too disappointed, Raya offers a rather affordable pricing.

How to Manage a Subscription and Delete a Profile?

How to Manage a Subscription and Delete a Profile?

Account and a paid subscription are managed in the settings of a personal profile. Everything is done through an app. Users need to access account settings and find an option for their account deletion.

Final Word

To sum up, Raya is indeed not a service for all. Raya dating app is to be used by celebrities only. In addition, it is not only a dating service, but it is also a networking platform. Celebrities look for partners for their projects, coworking, and coordination. Only 8 percent of people seem to be able to get into Raya. There is a multi-level verification process. Users need to submit their Instagram information so that the administration would be able to check their profiles and decide whether they are popular enough. There is no free membership available. Raya costs $7.99 as a monthly payment that must be renewed regularly. The matching process follows a slideshow of user pictures that are pulled from Instagram. All users can see the location of their potential matches on the map. All in all, the service does care about the privacy and security of its users on Raya, which is why it does not have any account information being open and public.

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