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UpForIt Review: Where Adults are Online and Ready to Mingle

UpForIt Review: Where Adults are Online and Ready to Mingle
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Neat design and slick interface
  • App version available
  • Some features can be tested for free
  • Safe communication mode available
  • Plenty of interactive communication tools
  • Most communication options are for paying members only
  • Not perfect for anything more serious than a one-night-stand
  • Advanced search options are not free
  • Some accounts are fake
  • Profiles are not very detailed

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UpForIt is an adult dating platform for people who are not particularly interested in serious relationships. This service is more about hookups and casual fun, even though technically it does support other related purposes. But, anyone can clearly see from the website name that it is an easy-going website, not a service that offers to find your “happily ever after.”

On the other hand, there are plenty of shady hookup services online, and anyone who has tried such platforms can tell you that most of them are pretty disappointing. Is it the case with UpForIt, too? Well, even though there is not a single service in the world that can satisfy 100% of its customers, we do believe this site is more reliable than the others. Will it, however, offer you what you’re looking for? That depends. Take a look at our detailed UpForIt review to see for yourself.

Audience structure on UpForIt

Audience structure on UpForIt

Right now, this site has almost two million accounts, but judging from user-generated UpForIt reviews, many of those accounts are inactive. Still, there are thousands of users active in your vicinity whenever you log in the website, so we have to assume at least half of that number are active members.

Is there any specific issues you should consider before joining?

This site was designed as a safe place for adults looking for hookup partners. One can surely have more serious relationship goals when joining this service — after all, a hookup that eventually leads to marriage is not very common, but not entirely unrealistic. Still, long-term commitment is not this site’s specialty. Here, people of different orientations, ages, and sexual kinks can easily find partners for sex chat or a real-time hookup.

Geographical structure of upforit.com

UpForIt is one of the truly international services, which is not very common for a simple hookup site. Yet, anyone using this service for a while will tell you that it does work. So, no wonder that this website has plenty of loyal users in most corners of the world. However, the US and Canada still take the lead, so if you are looking for quick matches in these countries, the statistical odds are definitely in your favor.

Ethnic structure: UpForIt welcomes everyone

Vast geographic coverage is one of the reasons why this site is so ethnically diverse. Here, you will easily find people of all races. So, if you have any preferences in that, UpForIt is definitely worth a shot. Besides, the US accounts are plenty of regular website visits, and if you are looking for dating hot Asians, you may find a lot of them right in your neighborhood.

Users age structure: is this sex chat even legal?

Most people using this site are quite young — between 25 and 35 years old. On the whole, such a user demographic is to be expected. Not only is it the most active online dating demographics across all platforms; it is also a common age range of experienced adults who know what they are looking for and are not afraid to go for it. Of course, anyone older than 18 can join, and there is no upper limit on user age either. So, if you are looking for someone younger or older than their early thirties, this could also be arranged by UpForIt.

Gender structure

Gender structure: who is up for it?

Up For It is not one of those sites that share a lot of stats about their users — and we thank them for such discretion. So, there are no official statistics on the gender ratio. Generally, people would expect more male users on a hookup service, but practical experience proves precisely the opposite. There are plenty of ladies active anytime you log in the website, and men accounts do not seem to fall behind either. So, while a 50/50 gender ratio is unlikely, we still believe this website’s gender audience is not too unevenly skewed.

Does sexual orientation matter for UpForIt dating site?

UpForIt dating site welcomes any users, regardless of their sexual orientation, and people do make use of this opportunity. Straight, gay, and bi singles — you will find all sexual orientations with this service. And, even though for some people the hookup odds will be higher than for others, there is still a good chance of finding someone with the same kinks as yours. There is no way to create an account as a couple and search for swingers, though. Still, one person in a couple can always create an individual account and make their ‘together’ intentions pretty clear.

Getting started: is UpForIt sign up complicated?

Creating a new account with upforit.com is incredibly easy and does not take more time than absolutely necessary. There is not much info you’ll need to provide when signing up, and most verification procedures remain optional. See for yourself.

Information you’ll have to provide to upforit.com

To become a new member of the kinky UpForIt community, one will need a valid email address. There is no social media login option, but given the sensitive nature of the platform, this is for the best. All newcomers are expected to specify their age, sexual orientation, gender, and location. Photo upload is not even obligatory at this stage, and any additional details can be filled after a new account is created.

Verification process: how long does it take on upforit.com

When users click on the signup button for the first time, the site immediately sends an activation link to their emails. That is pretty much all verification there is, so technically anyone can join this service. Site admins may ask for additional profile and identity verification if your account raises some suspicions, but this barely ever happens.

Time it takes to get approved: can I go up for it immediately?

There is no approval period in a classic sense because email verification usually takes seconds. So, any newcomer can start using UpForIt a couple of minutes after they get started with their brand new profile creation. However, plenty of functional communication tools on this site are reserved for paying members, so your real account activation will happen after you provide credit card details and pay for full membership of the website.

UpForIt Account review

UpForIt Account review

This site is technically an adult chat room, with a chance to hook up in real-time after this quick chat. And, as is often the case with quick hookup sites, UpForIt accounts remain pretty uninformative. They can offer only some very basic details about each user.

UpForIt simple profile structure

A user’s account thumbnail includes a profile pic, age, and location. Each thumbnail also comes with quick access buttons — chat, wink, and add to favorites. When you click at a user account, you will see more graphs, but in practice, most of them remain blank. There is an automatic ‘ask to add’ info button under each profile graph. But then again, if the person never took the time to fill in one’s profile independently, the chances they will do so on request are pretty slim. But, again, there is no harm in trying.

If you decide to fill in your account entirely, you will have a chance to add info about your marital status and body type. There is also a text field where you can describe the kind of partner you are looking for. Besides, UpForIt supports photo galleries, so you can always add as many pictures as you please. A quick look at this website accounts makes it clear that many people do use this opportunity, even those who leave other profile details blank.

UpForIt Search

UpForIt Search: how do I find a date?

Given that UpForIt does not have too many profile description fields, it is no wonder that their search filters are somewhat lacking. On the other hand, you should not forget that this is still a hookup site, so very few users would be interested in defining too many different search criteria.

Basic search features

The basic search on this site supports searching for people based on their gender, sexual orientation, and location. That is pretty much everything it offers, but on the bright side — this is often sufficient for a quick date.

Advanced search features

Still, not everyone would be interested in hooking up with just anyone in the vicinity. So, the advanced search system on UpForIt supports a bit more parameters. Here, users can specify a better-defined age range and some appearance traits. However, since most users leave a lot of profile fields blank, the search algorithm does not always have enough info to work with. So, in practice, users will have to evaluate match suggestions all on their own.

Quick Matching process

Quick Matching process

UpForIt will automatically show you prospective matches in your vicinity. Similar to the basic search filter, this software will consider approximate age range, gender, and sexual orientation. Matches closest always show up first. And, even though website search software may not have a lot of info to work with given non-complete account descriptions, the software can still analyze your behavior. When a new match is shown, users can play a ‘cute or not’ game. After, the site will consider your responses, so that you may fine-tune your prospective match suggestions over time.

Getting in touch for sex chat or more

We already mentioned that getting in touch with other users is a paid feature, and we will be discussing more paid perks and prices a bit later in this review. Right now, let’s just focus on the available communication means in general.

For a start, people can play a ‘cute or not’ game, which is an excellent ice-breaker. When searching for other users manually, you can always send them a wink or add a person you like to favorites. And, of course, you can send messages. However, free users only have five of those as a welcome gift. That is not much, but even those five messages can help new users get started.

Chat features and interface of the UpForIt

Chat is the primary communication tool on UpForIt. The interface is neat and straightforward, so no one will have difficulty figuring out how chats work here. The best part about UpForIt and its chat is that the latter supports video. So, if you are not ready to hook up with someone in real-time yet, you can always give the virtual connection a go. Note, however, that this is not a cam site, so whatever two people do in video chat should be negotiated between both parties concerned.

Is UpForIt safe for me

Is UpForIt safe for me?

Adult dating platforms seem to attract a lot of scammers and are generally believed to be unsafe. Luckily, this is not the case with UpForIt, as site admins do everything in their power to make their platform not only functional and enjoyable but also secure and private.

Data privacy and protection

All information you share with UpForIt is encrypted, so both your personal and financial details are absolutely safe when it comes to the technology aspect. Besides, this site does not collect your financial data — not unless you decide to pay for a subscription, which is usually a sign of credibility. Communication via the platform is also encrypted. So, as long as you’re careful about what info you share with other users, all data should remain safe with the website itself.

Are there many scam profiles and how to recognize them?

Some UpForIt com reviews from real users point out that fake accounts have contacted them. But, 100% profile authenticity is a milestone no dating service in the world can achieve. So, we believe there is absolutely no reason to worry — UpForIt user database is as legitimate as it gets. Besides, scamming people for money on an NSA site is not too easy, because people looking for some fun do not usually fall for teary requests. So, as long as you keep a clear head and do not share any sensitive data with strangers, you’re quite safe.

How is UpForIt moderated?

If you find any profile suspicious, you can report it to the admin team with a click of a button. Profiles that ask other users for money, are offensive, or advertise sex services are banned from the system. If, however, there is no proof that a profile is fake, it will still suffer some damage. Regularly reported accounts are marked ‘suspicious’ by UpForIt software. This brings us to a new feature from the service — people can turn their safety mode on and talk only to users who have never been reported to website management.



Support at UpForIt does not have too many communication channels — you can only email them. On the bright side, suspicious accounts are easier to report, so you do not have to write tech support a letter to report someone fishy. If, however, you have other concerns, most emails are answered within a business day or two. While not the quickest support in the online dating world, UpForIt customer care is quite friendly and responsive — and that is what counts in the end, especially if your request is not too urgent.

Website usability: neat!

UpForIt website design is pretty slick, with a white background and a black header. The contrasting elements are in yellow and green, which is quite unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye. However, what truly counts is not the color theme but overall website usability. And here, UpForIt really stands to high-quality standards. This site does not offer any truly revolutionary functionality, but all available features are neatly placed and are easy to access. One does not need to be tech-savvy to navigate this service, as the whole website remains highly intuitive.

Is there is a UpForIt app available to upload?

The good news is that there is an UpForIt app available, but the slightly more disappointing news is that users will have to install it directly from the official website. This is a bit less convenient than installing an app from a Play Market or AppStore. However, it does the job — even though it takes slightly more time and effort. Another perk is that this app offers the same functionality as the website, so people looking for some NSA fun can easily use it on the go. While it does not offer any more benefits — like, for example, the exact geo-location feature one would expect from an app like this — it is still perfectly usable and has all the necessary communication features.

UpForIt membership options

UpForIt membership options: what do I get?

This site does not offer too many complicated subscription plans. There are just two options available, free and premium accounts.

Free Version: is it enough to satisfy my needs?

Similar to most other services that feature paid subscriptions, UpForIt does not offer too many perks to non-paying users. For free, people can register, fill in their profile fields, and search for other users with the basic search filters. They can also wink to other people and add their accounts to favorites. However, they only get five free trial messages. Once they expire, a premium plan is required to communicate.

Technically, there is a 3-day test trial for a dollar a day. It is also possible to use this trial subscription for longer. In this case, the price of a trial will vary between $0.91, $0.51, $0.41 a day for one-, three-, and six-months periods respectively.

Premium features: are they worth trying?

Premium users can contact as many people as they want, turn their location on for more precise matching, make use of safe mode, and see the ‘looking for’ graph in other people’s accounts. They can also see other users’ full photo galleries, not just profile pics. Besides, paying UpForIt members always enjoy better ranking in search and matching results.

Pricing: what to expect?

As you can clearly see, any effective communication on this site calls for a paid membership. The good news is that it is within the average market limit, especially if you subscribe for a relatively long period. One month of being an UpForIt premium member costs $27.30. Three months offer a more affordable solution of $45.90 total or approximately $15.30 a month. Subscribing for a half a year is the most budget-wise decision, as this plan costs $73.80 total or roughly $12.30 a month.

Note, however, that this site is not very flexible when it comes to payment options. Currently, only credit cards are supported, and even mobile app users will have to enter card details manually. Since neither iPhone nor Android app is available in any of the respective stores, paying over a phone market is not an option. The bright side is that your credit card will be billed discreetly, without any mention of online hookups.

Cancelling subscription and deleting profile

Cancelling subscription and deleting profile: will they let me out easy?

All of the above subscriptions auto-renew, and if you do not want to be billed again, make sure to cancel it at least three days before the current plan expires. If you do not want to take any risks, you can also cancel paid subscription the moment you feel like stopping with this service. Technically, you still remain a premium member before the paid period expires. But, not a cent will be billed from your credit card again.

If you want to delete your account permanently, you can also do it from the account settings. However, make sure to cancel all recurring payments before you do so — neither of those actions will take you long.

The last few words about UpForIt

UpForIt is a great choice for anyone who does not want to give up on their sex life but is not ready to commit just yet. Even though full use of this website calls for a paid subscription, the prices are within the average market limit. The user database on this service may not be the biggest one out there, but there are still plenty of active users in several countries of the world. The US and Canada have the highest chances of finding quick NSA relationships with this service, though.

Both desktop and mobile versions are neatly designed, and the support addresses most issues pretty quickly. A safe mode feature and blocking suspicious accounts from contacting users are another perks worth mentioning. All in all, among most hookup and NSA dating sites, UpForIt is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to design, safety, and usability.

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